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10 Signs of a Guy Who Is Unmarriageable

This article is to save you from the painful experience of dating a guy who is totally unmarriageable. In the strange land of relationship behavior, one of the worst traits is the guy who doesn’t fully commit, EVER. In the beginning, it may look like he is busy and distracted a lot of the time. This could later morph into the realization that he is allergic to commitment. Here are the tell tale signs:

1) He dodges making plans with you  – even if it’s just a small commitment like dinner on a Thursday night.

2) Commitment-Phobic – He’s naturally spontaneous which may be really exciting but it could also be a technique to avoid making plans. There may be deeper factors than you realize, he may be a commitment-phobic.

3) He avoids conversation about commitment using tactics such as diversion or changing the subject.

4) Short Term Relationships – He’s had a lot of short term relationships and is usually the single guy.

5) Past Heartbreak – His heart has been shattered in the past and he brings it up (usually as part of his diversion tactics about commitment). If his heart was shattered by something his mom did to him as a child, beware of the double broken winged bird.

6) Doesn’t Trust You – He doesn’t have trust in you even if you’ve never given him reason. This comes in many outfits but the most prevalent is jealousy.

7) He’s hot and cold, one minute he’s worshipping the ground you walk on and the next minute, he’s recoiled all his warm emotions and turned frigid.

8) Your intuition will start working before you admit he’s not the right guy. This will manifest as a twisting, turning and confused feeling. You may feel desperate and unhinged at times, only feeling satisfied when he throws you those little bones of hope.

9) He will pick at your relationship in a negative way which is borderline abusive as he’s the one with the commitment issues.

10) He avoids getting close to your family and friends.

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