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Quiz – Are You Turning Guys Off?

1. You see your crush at a party from across the room. He smiles and waves at you, so you immediately:
a. Go up to him and start talking to him. Gotta make sure he’s all yours for the night!
b. Give a flirty smile back and nod your head for him to go over to you
c. Look away as fast as possible

2. Your crush asks you to exchange numbers! After he walks away, you:
a. Immediately text him after you guys separate
b. Play it cool and if he doesn’t text you after a couple days, you’ll hit him up
c. Avoid texting him unless he texts you first

3. What is your typical outfit choice for school?
a. Super cute and trendy outfits with hair and makeup done of course
b. Whatever is most comfortable, but cute at the same time. It’s a nice balance between hobo and prom queen!
c. Anything baggy every day. If it ain’t comfy, it ain’t workin’!

4. What is one of your flaws?
a. I’m a total control freak
b. I sometimes pick at my split ends…
c. I definitely need to hit my studies more instead of the mall

5. You and your crush are on a date and the bill comes to the table. Your initial reaction is to:
a. Give it a second to see what he does because you think he should pay, but if he hesitates too, you’re willing to split it
b. Immediately offer to split the bill, yet politely accept his generosity if he insists on paying
c. Even if he doesn’t want to pay the whole thing, you have him. It’s a date, what kind of a gentleman doesn’t pay for your meal?

6. Your boyfriend is heading out for the night with some friends. The last thing you tell him is:
a. To text you 24/7 and make sure he doesn’t do anything you wouldn’t be happy with
b. To have fun, be safe and that I love him!
c. To hurry up so he can come home and hang with me

7. What’s your favorite movie?
a. Anything Nicholas Sparks
b. The Harry Potter movies
c. Star Wars

8. You’re hanging out with your boy and his friends. How do you act around his friends?
a. You made small talk, but hardly speak to them after that. All your attention is on your man and your man only.
b. You try to get to know them so you’re comfortable around each other and are eventually joking around and having a good time
c. You introduce yourself and are continuously laughing at their jokes and complimenting them. Gotta flatter them all!

Mostly A’s – You aren’t turning ALL guys off, but you definitely are turning off a good amount… I can tell you’re ambitious and go for what you want, but your answers are hinting that you can be pretty controlling and guys HATE that. It isn’t the end of the world, because that is something that can easily be fixed! So try to loosen the reigns a little and give your man some space to breathe. Once you back off a little, he’ll be crawling right back to you!

Mostly B’s – Way to go girl, you’re a total catch in a guy’s eye! You’re chill, yet still show that you care about your man. The way you behave when he isn’t around speaks just as many volumes as if he were to be there. Showing him trust and now wanting to make him your next DIY project is a sure way to keep the boys. Keep him on his toes with how you feel, but don’t be afraid to go for what you want either. You’re killin’ it!

Mostly C’s – Based off of your answers, you’re a super chilled girl, and that’s awesome! Unfortunately, your average guy will be turned off with you being too chill. If you’re happy with who you are and don’t care if you’re turning guys off or not, you’ve got nothing to worry about! But if you’re trying to find the one and feel that guys keep turning away, try to put in a little more effort to the simplest of things, like the way you dress and how you act around him! Give him a little more to want!

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