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Quiz – Can You Trust Your Boyfriend?

1. Your phone is dead and you need to text your mom what time you’re going to be coming home. You ask to use his and he:
a. Acts very nervous and isn’t really down with the idea. He gives, but he has to go on it first because he needs to “check something.”
b. Gives it to you, but is looking over your shoulder while you’re on it
c.Hands it over with no problem, no questions asked, and no peeking over the shoulder to keep tabs on what you’re checking out

2. It’s “boys night out” and you’re hanging at home. You text your boyfriend to check up on what he’s doing and he:
a. Says they’re just chilling at a friends house, but you get a snapchat from a mutual friend that is with him of them out at a party
b. Takes a few minutes to reply, is a little vague, but does nothing out of the ordinary and doesn’t lie about what he’s doing. You just sort of need to pull it out of him
c. Tells you everything with no problem. He even offered to call you to make you feel better!

3. How often do you find yourself questioning whether your boyfriend is telling the truth or lying?
a. All the time, with practically everything. You have trouble believing what he ate for breakfast, let alone where he’s hanging out on friday night
b. Not very often, but some things he says make you question whether you should be naive or not
c. Never. Your boyfriend has always been an honest, open book and is comfortable with telling you anything and everything – even if it’s going to upset you

4. Does your boyfriend have a history with being a cheater?
a. He has cheated in past relationships, but swears those days are behind him
b. He’s never been in a relationship prior to yours, but you’re pretty positive that he would never do something like that
c. He has had previous relationships, but has never even gotten close to cheating. He would never put himself in a position where it could even be a possibility.

5. When you and your boyfriend are in a social setting, do you find that you’re the only girl he has his eye on?
a. His eyes are quite the pair of drifters… He isn’t usually looking at you, but grazing the room and looking at other girls
b. Yes, you’re usually the only girl he has his eyes on, but I’m still a little skeptical that that’s how he is when he’s out without you
c. He acts as if you’re the only girl there. He would never check out another girl, or disrespect you like that. His eyes are as faithful as he is!

6. Your boyfriend is in the shower and your phone is dead. You use his to check out the latest feed on Instagram. As you’re scrolling through, you see:
a. Picture after picture of half naked girls. He follows a lot of female accounts and a lot of accounts that please the eyes of men
b. Mostly boy stuff, like cars and watches, but there is the occasional “typical hot girl” pictures on his feed
c. All of the pictures are either sports, his friends, or you. He doesn’t follow any inappropriate accounts with pictures that could cause questioning

7. The boys your boyfriend surrounds himself are:
a. Players, players, and more players. His friends don’t have very good track records for having good relationships, let alone faithful ones
b. The majority of his friends are great! He has only one friend, who just so happens to be close with him, that is a player. Let’s just say he isn’t someone you would want to be dating!
c. All of his friends are great guys that have good intentions with women. They are all honest and don’t show any signs that they would ever be unfaithful

8. How often does your boyfriend accuse you of lying?
a. All the time. Even when he is in the wrong and lying, he is constantly trying to put the negative attention on me and off of him
b. Not very often, but on the rare occasion that he does, it is about what I’m doing and who I’m with
c. He has never accused me of lying. He trusts me fully and acts as if he has full faith in me, like I do with him

9. If there were to be one thing that you are worried about when it comes to your boyfriend, it would have to be:
a. If he is being faithful/cheating on you
b. Whether he isn’t reply to your texts because he got distracted by video games or because he’s out with his friends partying
c. When he’s going to surprise you again with your favorite candy and flowers!

Mostly A’s – It sounds like trust should be your number one concern when it comes to your relationship… If your boyfriend is constantly acting suspicious and has a track record for not being faithful, you’ve got to get out – and get out fast! Lying and having a history of cheating are sure signs that something like that could happen to you. While it may be hard to break things off, it will be a lot easier than hearing the one you confide all your trust in has cheated on you with another girl (if he hasn’t already…).

Mostly B’s – It sounds like you’re in the clear! You should still be a little cautious though… Your boyfriend sounds like he is faithful enough to the point where you shouldn’t be running for the hills…. Just maybe have a pair of running shoes nearby. Your answers indicate that he is faithful for the most part, which is good! You just have some questions on his faith, which shows you to enjoy your relationship, but enjoy it with caution!

Mostly C’s – If you haven’t already, put a ring on your man because he is a KEEPER. You can definitely trust your boyfriend based off of these answers. Trust is key in a relationship, and the fact that you don’t find yourself constantly questioning him, and worrying whether there’s even a possibility that he could be unfaithful is great for not only your relationship, but your peace of mind as well! Good catch, girl!

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