Things Girls Do That Guys Think Are SO Cute –

Things Girls Do That Guys Think Are SO Cute

1. Wear a baseball cap – Wear it forward facing preferably. But, either way – guys think this is so cute.

2. Wear very little makeup – Guys love to see girls that look natural.

3. Cook – Guys love it when a girl can cook something, anything. They love it.

4. Smell good – Girl smells: shampoo, conditioners, lotion, maybe perfume too, but anything that smells good is a plus!

5. Wear his clothes – or any oversized, boyish clothes for that matter. Big sweaters, hoodies & oversized flannels, they’re all cute.

6. Wear hair in a Ponytail – This suggests being comfortable and confident, not trying too hard.

7. Be really interested in a hobby – Guys love it when a girl is really into and interested in something. It makes them much more attractive.

8. Laugh – Guys love to make girls laugh. Period.

9. Stand on your toes – Guys think it’s really cute when a girl has to stand on her toes to reach for something. Maybe it shows vulnerability, who knows…

10. Get dressed up – Guys love it when a girl is dressed casually, sweats, no make-up, baseball cap, etc. But, they also love it when girls dress up.

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5 Responses

  1. Gavin armentar says:


  2. Destiny says:

    So helpful, if it wasn’t for the internet I don’t know what I’d do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have done all of those

  4. digitdialerupurass101 says:

    Because of this post I was able to eat my mans ass out tonight
    11. Don’t wear clothes, boys love to see your natural glow under all those shirts and pants!

  5. Erica says:

    Wow i do this naturally haha i dont need this cause i asked him out