The Real Causes of Teen Stress –

The Real Causes of Teen Stress

Teen Stress Levels are At Record Highs – Studies are showing that teen stress levels during school are higher than adult levels of stress. According to recent studies listed below teen stress level patterns rival those of adults.

Teen Stress Levels Rival Those of Adults

In the study listed above the following symptoms were listed as results of teen stress:

Many teens also reported feeling overwhelmed (31 percent) and depressed or sad (30 percent) as a result of stress. More than 1/3 of teens reported feeling tired (36 percent) and nearly one-quarter of teens (23 percent) reported skipping a meal due to stress.

The American Psychological Association reported that millennials (ages 18-33) are the most stressed out generation yet – American Teens More Stressed Than Ever

BUT – The Stress is Caused By Different Things Than You Think – But stress factors are not being caused as much by the reasons you might think they are. Yes, teens are under record amounts of social and academic pressure, but some of the main factors that are associated with feelings of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are related to hours per day of media consumption.

Screen Time is One of The Biggest Causes – The average teen consumes 7.5 hours of media per day. Time spent watching TV, consuming social media and surfing the internet contributes actually to higher levels of stress. More screen time leads to less sleep, less exercise and worse eating habits which are all the things that help people feel more calm and clear headed.

AND Lack of Sleep, Poor Diet and Lack of Exercise – The biggest contributors to anxiety and depression are lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise. Hours spent every day staring at a screen are actually one of the main contributors to high levels of stress. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lower stress levels and teens on average, exercise less than once a week.

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