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7 Tricks That Stop Anxiety

1. Take a deep breath – breathing deeply and slowly is one of the best ways to calm your brain and central nervous system down.

2. Calming Visualization – Visualize yourself on a beach, in the mountains, in the trees, wherever your happiest, calmest inner place is. Imagine details of that place, how it smells, how branches look, sounds, etc. This will help take you out of your panic.

3. Positive Self-Talk – Tell yourself encouraging phrases like: “I can do this” ‘This is no big deal, I’ve handled bigger things” “I’ll be fine” “I’m feeling strong”, etc. This will help give you the strength to push through your anxiety and panic.

4. Stay in The Present – Focus on staying in the present, don’t think too much about things that have happened in the past or what might happen in the future. You don’t know what the future holds, things could very easily work out much better than what you think. Take deep breaths and think to yourself, “this is just what’s happening today. This doesn’t indicate what the future holds for me.”

5. Do Something – Focus on a positive activity. Do laundry, clean, watch a movie. The worst thing you can do is just sit around and feel anxious.

6. Problem Solve – Get out a sheet of paper and brainstorm possible solutions for the troubles you are facing. This will give your mind a chance to try and work things out instead of spinning itself into an unproductive frenzy.

7. Try Anti-Anxiety Supplements – Visit your local health food store and try out some calming supplements. Calm Thoughts, Kava, lavender and others can provide relief from anxiety.

Anxiety can be kept under control by learning proper breathing techniques, healthly eating habits, positive, calming thought patterns and other habits that can override the strongest levels of anxiety. If these techniques aren’t doing enough to help your anxiety subside, consider seeing a doctor for possible prescription aids.

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