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Quiz – Does He Think You’re His Soulmate?

Grab a piece of paper and write down the letter of your answers then check the results below!

  1. How does he talk about the future?
    a. He tends to avoid talking about it all together
    b. He is not sure where he will be in the future
    c. He says he cannot wait to spend his life with you but has not made a plan
    d. He has a very well thought-out plan of your future together
  2. If you were to make a comment about your future family together, he would…
    a. Ignore the comment and change the subject
    b. Smile and play it off without really acknowledging it
    c. Get excited and respond with a similar comment
    d. Laugh and agree with you

  3. Do you two have similar plans for the future?
    a. No, we plan on trying to have a long distance relationship when we go our separate ways for school/work
    b. We haven’t really talked about it
    c. Uhh yes! We will be together!!
    d. We will be together for school/work, then settle and get married
  4. How often do you talk about marriage?
    a. We don’t.
    b. Hardly ever, doesn’t really come up
    c. All the time!
    d. Frequently, we already have a plan so there isn’t much more to talk about
  5. Does he see you as his best friend?
    a. We’re friends but we both have our own best friends
    b. We spend a lot of time together but we’re not best friends
    c. Yes! There’s nothing better than dating your best friend
    d. Yes, we have been really close for a while

  6. How affectionate is he to you?
    a. He only is when he wants to hook up
    b. A little, not every in public
    c. A lot.. sometimes too much
    d. Just the right amount to show me that he cares
  7. Have you ever broken up in the past?
    a. A couple times
    b. Once
    c. No, I know that would NEVER happen
    d. Never been a reason to break up
  8. How well do you understand each other?
    a. We don’t really have similar interests
    b. Enough to get along and date each other
    c. He is convinced we have a psychic bond
    d. He knows me better than anyone

Mostly A’s – The truth is… he does not see a future with you and probably thinks of this relationship as a temporary fling that he will one day move on from. There is someone out there who wants to be a part of your future and it doesn’t look like this guy is the right one.

Mostly B’s – This guy definitely needs to figure out what he wants, it seems like he is very indecisive and hasn’t given his future much thought…let alone your future together! His lack of planning for the future shows that he is not completely invested in the relationship and he might not be as serious as you think.

Mostly C’s – Wow! This guy is so head over heels in love with you and he can’t wait to marry you! It is clear that he cannot see his life without you and he will do whatever it takes to keep you there. He has not made a set plan about your future together because he is confident that either way you’ll have each other and live happily ever after!

Mostly D’s – He is obviously very serious about marrying you and has given it a lot of thought and consideration. No guy would do that with something they didn’t see definite potential with! If he has made a plan for your future together he seems very sure that you two are a perfect match and there is no one else for him!

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