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8 Body Language Signs of Lying

1. Mouth Covering – This is a subconscious way to prevent deceitful words from coming out. People who are lying may cover their mouths while talking.

2. Scratching Their Neck, Ear, Blinking a Lot, Eyes Darting Around – These are all signs of nervousness.

3. Rubbing Eyes – This is a way to avoid direct eye contact.

4. Crossing Arms or Keeping Hands in Pockets – This is a subconscious way to protect themselves.

5. Avoiding Eye Contact – People who are lying will want to avoid eye contact as much as possible. They may look at the wall behind you or at the ground. They may look at their phone or something they are holding.

6. Random Shrugging – This is a subconscious sign that they don’t necessarily agree with what they are saying.

7. Long Pauses in Conversation – Someone who is lying may have a difficult time keeping the conversation going.

8. Playing With Hair & Face Touching – Lots of hand to face activity is a body language sign of lying.

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