Signs That He/She is Cheating –

Signs That He/She is Cheating

Are you starting to wonder if your significant other might be cheating on you?  Here are some tell-tale signs that they just might be:

1. They Never Seem To Be Able To Meet Up Spontaneously – Does this person seem eternally busy? Does it seem like when you try to make spontaneous plans they aren’t available?

2. You Never Know Where They Are – If you are constantly asking “Where are you?” or “What are you doing right now?” and are getting vague answers, it may be a sign that something is going on.

3. They Can’t Commit – Does your relationship seem to be at a standstill? Has it been a while and this person doesn’t seem to want to make a commitment?

4. You’ve Never Met His/Her Family – Does this person seem to be trying to keep you out of his inner circle of close family and friends?  This may be out of a fear that you’ll find out there is someone else in the picture.

5. They Get Defensive – Does he/she get defensive when you start asking pointed questions? This could be a sign that they feel guilty about what they are doing.

6. They Start Criticizing & Blaming You – Do you feel like they are just looking for a reason to blame you for things they do wrong?  It may be that they feel guilty and want to shift the blame to you to make themselves feel better.

7. Emotional Distance – Do you feel like all of a sudden your significant other is starting to become emotionally distant.  Have they stopped talking about feelings and plans with you?

8. Criticizing the Suspected Person – Is the person you are suspecting the affair to be with the subject of criticism by your significant other?  They may be trying to shift your suspicions away from that person by saying, “Oh I could never date him/her” But, does this person’s name seem to come up a lot?

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