Signs of a Toxic Relationship –

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Blaming and Jealousy – Do you feel like he/she is blaming you for everything?  Even things that seem like they have nothing to do with you?  Your partner may be feeling guilty about their own actions/thoughts/feelings and are looking to shift that accountability to you.

Excessive Criticism – Do you feel bombarded with criticism? Are you starting to feel like you can’t do anything right? Occasional criticism here and there is part of any relationship but when it starts to be a constant theme in your relationship and like something that is out of control, that’s not healthy.

They Make You Feel Low and Small – Overall does this person make you feel small, low, inferior? This is a major red flag that you should get out of this relationship or seek counseling immediately.

You Don’t Feel Like You Can Be Yourself– A healthy relationship is one where you feel relaxed and have room to be yourself and not feel a need to constrain your thoughts and feelings to please another person.  If you are feeling like it’s hard to be yourself or this person isn’t “getting you”, that’s a sign that needs to be looked at seriously.

Everything Seems To Be About Him/Her – Selfishness is the root cause of all toxic relationships.  If all of your communication and interactions seem to come back to catering only to one person in the relationship, that’s not a healthy give/take balance.  That’s a red flag.

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  1. Lex says:

    I think I might have a toxic relationship but I really love them what do I do?