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6 Signs He’s Not Interested

1. He’s Not Around Much and Makes Very Little Effort To Be Around You – If he’s interested he’ll make an effort to be around you. If he’s not thinking of excuses to be around you, he’s probably not thinking about it.

2. He Doesn’t Initiate Anything – Do you feel like you make all the effort and he doesn’t initiate anything? Are you the one who always texts or calls first? Not a good sign.

3. He Is Just As Flirty With You As He Is With Everyone – If he’s a flirt in general and doesn’t necessarily do anything different with you than he does with any other girl, then it’s a sign that he may see you the same way as he does the average girl.

4. He Talks About Other Girls – If he’s talking about other girls that he’s seriously interested in, he may be sending a clear signal to you that he doesn’t see you that way.

5. He Doesn’t Remember Details About You – Someone whos interested in you will be very curious about you and everything you say. They will remember details. If it feels like when you talk he’s not listening and definately not remembering details. Then he’s probably not interested.

6. He Doesn’t Get Jealous – If he has virtually no reaction when you talk about other guys then he’s probably not interested. When you talk about a potential love interested is he barely interested, let alone jealous?

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15 Responses

  1. Britney says:

    Only 2 thing are true

  2. Ashawnti says:

    How do I know if he likes me just not as much as someone else

  3. Jocelyn says:

    What if he says your name a lot?

  4. sarah says:

    this helps me a lot bcz my bf does all of this !! thank you !! and i’ve been with him for almost four months !! for the third one he talks to other girls differently than he does to me … he talks to other girls nicely and he acts like he’s interested but he doesn’t talk to me like he does to them so ya im probably gonna end up breaking up with him … thank you very much

  5. Kyli says:

    This does make any sense to me. I like this boy and idk if he likes me

  6. A secret says:

    He does all of these things!!! Omg. I thought I was loosing him, but all these things are things that he started to do recently. I’m so happy now I have butterflies. I hope this is all true!!?

    • Evie says:

      These are signs he DOESN’T like you. Not that he does. So if he does any of these things chances are you’re loosing him.

  7. Breana says:

    My bf is kinda like the 6th one but he really cares about me but if hes around girls he would show less respwct to them but when hes around me and other girls he kinda acts all childish around them.

  8. Violette says:

    Omfg thank you. My boyfriend never ever gets jealous, atleast he never tells me when he is. I’m gonna assume that he might like other girls

  9. Faith says:

    What if he tells you about his ex and how they broke up and texting and he says I miss her????

  10. Tia says:

    If this was supposed to help, I don’t get it

  11. ies says:

    i don’t think this applies to every boy, they all have their own way to communicate their feelings

  12. Katelyn says:

    Mine doesn’t call or text first and idk how he talks to other girls sad I know thanks

  13. Madison. L says:

    This helps me so much
    It is so similar to me