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Quiz – Is He Right For You?

Pull out a piece of paper and jot down the letters of your answers – results below!

    1. How much do you see having a future together?
      a. Um… I couldn’t see anything else!
      b. I don’t know , I just figure things will work themselves out
      c. I could see us having a future together
      d. Not well, we don’t want similar things in life
    2. How much do you know / like his family?
      a. I love them! They’re like my second family
      b. They’re alright, I can handle being around them for short periods of time
      c. They’re super nice but not quite like family
      d. I only see them when I have to, they’re not my favorite

    1. Do you see him being a good dad?
      a. I could cry thinking of how cute and good he is with kids
      b. I’m not sure how he feels about having kids
      c. Yeah he’s friendly and nice!
      d. He doesn’t really want kids
    2. What would your family say if they were asked if they think he’s the right one for you?
      a. Yes! They love him so much, he’s the greatest!
      b. They probably haven’t thought much
      c. As long as I’m happy they’re happy
      d. They’ve never really supported our relationship
  1. If you were to talk about marriage, he would…
    a. Be very comfortable, we talk about it all the time
    b. Too soon to talk about
    c. Consider it as a possibility for sure!
    d. Avoid or change the subject
  2. Do you both want similar things in your future?
    a. We both want the same thing , each other!
    b. I don’t even know what I want yet
    c. We have some agreements and disagreements about what we want
    d. He wants something very different from me

Mostly A’s – You two are clearly meant to be! He definitely is the right one for you and your lives would be great together. Everyone deserves to be with someone they loe and couldn’t live without and it looks like you have found that special someone!

Mostly B’s – It seems like you both have some things to figure out before you look at your future together. When you are deciding your future with someone it is important to know that it is for sure something you want! Be with someone you absolutely couldn’t imagine yourself living without.

Mostly C’s – It seems like there is potential that this is the one! You want to make sure there aren’t any major doubts between the both of you, but other than that it sounds extremely promising! Based off of your answers, there are only positive things that are coming from this relationship and will only get better with time.

Mostly D’s – I hate to say it, but based off of your answers, it does not sound like he is even close to being the right one for you, girl. Not getting along with the family is one thing, but not even being able to talk about the possibility of a serious future together is a dead give-away. My advice? As painful as it may be, end it as soon as you can. It will prevent you from further developing more feelings than you already have and make the process a little bit easier. Good luck!

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8 Responses

  1. Kacie says:

    I got 3 b and 3 as lol

  2. Olivia says:

    Excellent helped me figure out what I want

  3. Kate says:

    Yay, I got mostly C’s! ?

  4. Brittany says:

    A’s for me! ?????

  5. Awkwardchick173 says:

    What about ds? What id i got mostly ds? I didn’t but what if?

  6. meee says:

    this helped!I really think this is going to work out,if we ever date ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got half b half c