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Quiz – Will your relationship last?

1. How long have you and your bae been dating?
a. Just a few weeks
b. A few months
c. A year
d.  few years

2. Have you guys talked about your future together before?
a. No, not yet at least!
b. Yes we’ve talked about it a few times
c. We talk about it pretty often
d. We would never talk about that

3. Does he get along with your friends/do your friends like him?
a. They haven’t had a chance to really get to know each other yet so I’m not sure!
b. Yeah for the most part! He definitely fits in just fine
c. Oh yeah, sometimes I think they like each other more than me! Lol
d. They aren’t each other’s biggest fans… They don’t get along the best

4. Do your parents like him?
a. They’ve only spent time with him a few times, but they think he’s nice!
b. Yeah, they think he’s great!
c. Oh yeah, they’ve basically already started planning the wedding! They feel like family already
d. Unfortunately, no, they aren’t big fans…

5. Do his parents like you?
a. I’ve only spent time with them a few times, but they think I’m nice!
b. Yeah, as far as I know they think I’m great!
c. Oh yeah, they already want me to refer to them as mom and dad! We feel like family already
d. Unfortunately, no, they aren’t big fans…

6. How often do you and your bae hang out?
a. About three times a week!
b. A few week days and pretty much every weekend
c. We should live together since we see each other every day/We live together
d. I see him once or twice a week

7. How well would you say you know them?
a. Pretty well! I definitely know all of the basics
b. Super well, we know each other’s secrets and everything
c. Extremely well… sometimes I think I know him better than I know myself!
d. I know his favorite restaurant, but I don’t really know his deepest darkest fears or secrets

8. Are there little things that they do that bug you? (The way they talk/eat/laugh etc…)
a. I mean yeah, he has a few things that I wish I could tweak…
b. Yes but they aren’t deal breakers!
c. Yes but they’re really small things, like how I wish he would get more sleep or how I wish he would do more for himself
d. Oh yeah. Just about all of his mannerisms annoy the crap outta me!

9. How often do you guys fight?
a. Not super often since we just started seeing each other
b. I wouldn’t call them fights, we just bicker sometimes
c. It’s very rare that we disagree on something that causes a fight/bickering
d. Yes, we fight almost every day and I’m usually crying

10. How do you think he would handle it if you broke up with him?
a. I’m not sure, I’m sure he’d be upset/sad!
b. He would most likely cry/be upset
c. He would be absolutely heart broken, but I would too if he broke up with me
d. He would probably cry at first but be fine after a couple weeks

11. How would you handle it if he broke up with you?
a. I would definitely be upset, but I’m sure I’d be fine after about a month! Nothing ice cream and Nicholas Sparks can’t fix
b. I would definitely be hurt and sad for a few months
c.  would be absolutely heart-broken and depressed for a solid amount of time
d. I would probably cry at first, but hey, I’m now a free woman!

12. Can you see yourself marrying him?
a. It’s wayy too early to say!
b. I definitely think it could be a possibility
c. 110%. I’ve already have the whole wedding planned in my head!
d. I seriously doubt that we would ever get married

Mostly A’s – Since the relationship is so fresh, it’s hard to say whether you guys are in it for the long run or not, but based off of your answers, I don’t see why not! It seems like you two enjoy each other’s company and are happy together. Keep up the good work and if things continue to grow and be as good as they are right now, you two could definitely last!

Mostly B’s – You guys have been together for a decent amount of time and still seem to be happy, which is a great sign! There aren’t any flashing red lights crying out that you should be running for the hills any time soon, but there isn’t anything saying you two are soul mates either. Continue to try to make the relationship as healthy as possible and keep each other happy. Happiness is one of the many keys to a long lasting relationship, and is definitely a necessity.

Mostly C’s – Wedding bells are definitely going to be ringing for you two love birds in the future – you are TOTALLY going to last!! You guys have been together for a good amount of time, giving you an opportunity to really get to know the person and their family, and both seem to be going fantastic! The fact that you’re confident that your SO would be heartbroken without you shows that you have confidence in the relationship and your man must be as happy as you are! Continue to maintain a happy and healthy relationship and it’s guaranteed you two will last.

Mostly D’s – I hate to break it to ya girl, but you two are definitely not going to last… Based off of your answers it doesn’t seem like the most healthy/happy relationship. Having confidence in your partner’s happiness with you is something that you seem to be lacking. Not to mention that you guys are constantly fighting… That isn’t good for anyone involved. I suggest to have a serious talk with your man about whether you two think you should be together or not and if you guys see yourselves together forever. After having an honest heart to heart, see where things are – if you’re going to try to make improvements, good luck, and if you’re going to break up, I think that’s the best for the both of you. Hang in there girl, and good luck with your man!

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