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5 Tricks to Fixing a Broken Relationship

Many times, a relationship falls apart because it’s no longer being tended to. Maybe one person broke trust once or there’s a constant “chipping away” at the love you once shared. This may have lead to complacency and now there’s serious damage. It’s not too late for your relationship and these methods may bring you even closer.

1) You’ve got to talk it out. Even the tough things that are hard to say need to be said. This gains back trust and allows you both to get the toxic thoughts and feelings out of your system.

2) Whatever they did, it’s time to forgive everything that’s happened up to this point. Without forgiveness, you can’t move forward. Don’t forget you hurt yourself just as much by holding onto a grudge.

3) Do something really awesome together that you both really enjoy. Laughing and having fun rewinds your mind and reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place. This may be the easiest step to propel you back into the love buzz for each other.

4) You’ve got to give a little if you want to get a little. The art of compromise in a relationship shows respect for one another. Both parties have to compromise equally and when you do, it doesn’t even feel like compromise.

5) When you grow together, you become naturally closer. Don’t sit in front of the T.V. It’s time to support and challenge one another in new endeavors. You’ll find that you bond and get closer in a very short time with this effective method.

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