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Quiz – Is Your Boyfriend Making You Depressed

When it comes to the level that you your partner are at, do you ever feel as though you are being dominated? Meaning instead of you two being at an “equal level,” he may be treating you as though you are below him.
A. Sometimes he makes comments that sort of sound like that, but I wouldn’t say that it’s like that all the time or a serious issue
B. Yes, he 100% makes me feel like he has completely dominance over me. I can’t help but feel as though I have no power in any given situation
C. Not, not at all. We are definitely 100% equal when it comes to who has “the power” in the relationship

Does your significant other ever blatantly criticize you? This could be as small as “I don’t like that sweater on you” to as big as “You do not look good at all today.”
A. We joke around a lot and sometimes he makes sarcastic comments, but it isn’t ever really that serious
B. Yes, he is usually very critical of what I’m doing. From the outfit that I’m wearing, to how I do my hair, to the way I cook… I feel as though I am criticized with just about everything
C. Never. If he were to ever make a comment that was negative in any way towards me, there would be a serious issue and it would be addressed immediately

Do you feel as though your partner tells you what to do often? Whether he’s telling you to make him lunch or not to go out with your friends, does he ever tell you what to do?
A. Sometimes he will tell me not to wear certain outfits, but that’s only because he’s being protective I guess
B. Constantly. I feel as though I’m pretty much living my life through his demands. If he wants me somewhere, I’m there. If he wants me doing something, I’m doing it…
C. He would never even think about doing something like that. We understand that we are our own boss and that we are mature enough to judge whether we should be doing something or not. Plus, we wouldn’t ever do something that would make the other person uncomfortable so there would be no need for him to tell me what to do

Is your partner “always right” when it comes to any problem, or argument that you may be in?
A. He doesn’t always bluntly say that! Sometimes when we fight he’ll be stubborn and insist he’s right, but what stubborn person doesn’t do that?
B. Yes, any time we fight it is always my fault, even when it is so bluntly clear that I’m right. He is never wrong in his eyes
C. Definitely not. He gives me a chance to explain where I am coming from and is open to hearing my side of things at all times

Does your significant other ever take into account your opinion on things? Like where you want to eat or what you want to do for date night?
A. He’ll ask! We just don’t usually end up doing what I wanna do
B. Not really, it’s usually his way or the highway
C. Always! He treats us as though we are equals and will be open to anything that I have to say at all times

Is your partner depressed?
A. No, not as far as I know!
B. He hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but I would NOT be surprised if he was clinically diagnosed with depression
C. Nooo, he is far from that, and if he was I would know 100%

Does your partner have a short temper with you/gets irritable with you easily?
A. Sometimes he can be in bad moods and get upset with me, but I wouldn’t say he’s like that all the time!
B. Oh yeah. He is so sensitive and gets upset over the littlest of things, it’s really intimidating and makes me feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells
C. Noo, not even close. He would never act irritable or short with me unless something was really wrong

Is your partner abusive? Whether that is physically, emotionally, verbally, sexually, or mentally?
A. “Abusive” is such a strong word. I wouldn’t say he’s abusive, but he isn’t perfect, but then again who is!
B. If I’m being honest with myself, yes. And it has been through a couple different ways
C. He would never think about touching a hair on my head, say one disrespectful or hurtful word, make me do anything I don’t want to do, or hurt me in any way shape or form. And if he did, I would be out of there so fast!

Does your partner find joy in the little things with you?
A. I mean yeah, kind of! It’s not like he is super mushy and finds every little things a moment that we need to cherish, but he kinda does with some things!
B. I wouldn’t say so. I try to make him enjoy the little things, but I feel as though I am getting no where
C. Of course. We find joy in the littlest of things just because we are experiencing them together as partners and best friends!

How often do you find yourself crying because of your partner?
A. I guess once or twice every two-ish weeks
B. Basically every single day. It’s always something.
C. Hardly ever, if even ever. He would never let things get to the point where I’m hurting to the point of crying

Mostly A’s – Okay girl, it definitely doesn’t sound like you could be depressed because of your boyfriend. BUT, with that being said, it doesn’t really sound like you’re being treated as well as you could be to the fullest potential. When you’re in a relationship with someone that you think so highly of, it’s easy to become blind to their mistreatment towards you and you start to excuse their behavior, and that isn’t right for either of you. Trust me girl, I know what it’s like to want to make valid excuses for the mistreatment, but you also need to make sure that you’re putting yourself and your happiness before your bae’s. As long as you’re happy and staying aware, then you’re good!

Mostly B’s – Sweetie… this relationship has toxic written all over it, and I would not be surprised if you are feeling and showing signs of clinical depression. It sounds like you are being completely mistreated and not being shown the love that you deserve. You do not deserve to have your feelings pushed aside, to be controlled, and abused. That is not healthy for anyone, especially if it’s coming from someone who is supposed to be treatin you like a princess. Trust me, I have been in an abusive relationship and I know what it’s like to be blinded towards the negative treatment because of how much you love your significant other, but you should love yourself enough to get yourself out of this abusive situation. You are worth more than that and owe it to yourself to be with someone who will show you that. My advice? Take a long and serious consideration on whether you would be happier and healthier without this relationship in your life. And based off of your answers, I think we both know what the answer to that is… I’m sorry girl, stay strong and know that no boy is worth you getting depressed over.

Mostly C’s – Good news, girly… Your bf is NOT even CLOSE to causing you depression!! From what you’ve answered, it sounds like he treats you just as good as he could. Your relationship sounds very fair, respectful and the way it should be. As long as you keep holding those standards towards each other throughout the rest of your relationship, it doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about! Your man sounds like he treated you like the queen you are, so way to go girl! You’ve definitely got yourself a keeper 😉

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