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Quiz – Are You Popular?

1.What does your typical Friday night look like?
a. I’m out hanging with a ton of my friends!
b. I’m usually in with my core best friends watching Netflix
c. At home on my phone lol
2.How many friends would you say you have?
a. It would literally take forever to count, I’m blessed to have so many!
b. I have about 10 friends, but 5 are my true best friends
c. I have like 3 or 4

3.Would you say you feel like you get invited to a lot of things?
a. Most definitely, I’m constantly getting invited to places!
b. I get invited to places by my friends so kind of!
c. Not really, no
4.What would you say your role is in your friend group?
a. I sort of feel like I’m the leader of the pack!
b. I feel like we’re all equal!
c. I couldn’t really tell you
5.Would you say that your friends have your back?
a. Oh most definitely, at least most of them!
b. Without a shadow of a doubt, they’re the most loyal people I know
c. I’m sure they would help me if I really needed it

6.What do you value in friendships the most?
a. As long as the people I surround myself with like me, I’m good
b. My motto with friendships is quality over quantity
c. I couldn’t really tell you, I guess just that I have friends at all is nice
7.How often do you find yourself being teased or the source of a joke?
a. Never, my friends would never do that to me out of all of us
b. Often, but all of my friends roast each other in a playful, loving way
c. I’m not really sure, often I guess when I see my friends?

Mostly A’s – Girl, you are the total definition of popular!! You have so many friends and are very well liked because of your sweet personality. It’s always nice to have a lot of people in your life that you love and that love you back, but having a few solid, reliable friends is always super important. As long as you have both, you’re going to be perfect! Way to go!

Mostly B’s – While you may not be the textbook version of “popular” you definitely are coasting calm waters when it comes to the important thing — having solid friends. While having a lot of friends can be fun and exciting, knowing that you have a core group of people that you can count on for anything and everything is something that a lot of people would take over having a lot that aren’t that solid any day. Good for you!

Mostly C’s – Based off of your answers, it doesn’t sound like you’re the most sociable person out there, and being social is a key thing when it comes to being popular. Being social causes new friendships and connections to arise, so if you’re wanting to boost your popularity, try going out and spending time with people! You’d be surprised at how many new connections you’ll make!

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