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Quiz – Are You Intimidating?

Are you intimidating? Take the quiz….

1.When you walk into the room, what type of attitude do you feel you’re putting off?
a. A super nice, approachable one!
b. I’m not sure, hopefully one that people like
c. Hopefully one that is telling people to not approach me whatsoever
2.You and your girl are both interested in a hottie you see at a party: What do you do?
a. Step aside and let her do her thing!
b. Talk it out but you end up pursuing him in the end
c. You don’t talk to her and just go right for him — he’s anyones game at this point

3.Would you say you have a lot of friends?
a. Yes! I have so many people in my life that I love a lot!
b. I have a decent amount, but they’re mostly best friendships, not casual ones
c. I have about two best friends and that’s really it
4.What type of vibe do you get from people when they’re interacting with you?
a. A happy-go-lucky, engaging vibe!
b. Honestly I’m not really sure, it’s hard to read most of the time, but it’s mostly positive
c. I don’t really know or care too much to pay attention to that
5.What type of personality do you best fit?
a. Cheerful
b. Relaxed
c. Care-free
6.If you could do anything on a Friday night, what would it be?
a. Hang out with a ton of people/socialize!!
b. Have a nice night in with my tight best friends
c. I’m not sure, whatever, it doesn’t really matter

Mostly A’s – You definitely are NOT intimidating! You sound like you are a super nice, approachable girl that people know are going to get respect and love from when they deal with you. You definitely know how to warm up a room with your heart, but be sure to not let your niceness get in the way of your happiness, meaning it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes! But other than that, you do you boo!

Mostly B’s – Not that it’s a bad thing, but girl you sound a little intimidating! You definitely keep your friendships a priority, which is an awesome trait to have. Having solid friendships is key to happiness, but I wouldn’t be afraid to approach some new people from time to time to make new connections. Put yourself out there and have fun!

Mostly C’s – You definitely sound intimidating! It sounds like you are an extremely care free person that dines’t really pay much attention or care about what other people are thinking/feeling, which in a sense is great! However, if you’re wanting to make new friendships and connections, try to work on being a little more approachable! Other than that, you do you!

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