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Quiz – Are You Emotionally Immature

If your significant other was contacted by their ex, how would you handle the situation?
A. I would freak out and tell them they are NOT allowed to reply. What am I, an idiot?
B. I would feel a little weird, but I wouldn’t be worried at all. I’m confident in our relationship and his feelings/loyalty towards me!
C. I could not care less

If someone you didn’t know were to disrespect you, what would you do? An example being they cut you in line
A. I would obviously say something sternly immediately. If someone thinks they can get away with that, they’re trippin’
B. I honestly wouldn’t think it was that big of a deal, but if I were to confront them, it would obviously be extremely polite
C. I wouldn’t say anything

If you had plans with your bestie for the weekend, and she ended up ditching you to hang with her boyfriend, how would you handle the situation?
A. I would send her a novel going off on her. Who thinks that that’s okay to disrespect me like that? Jeez.
B. I would communicate to her that I don’t appreciate being ditched for future references in a calm manner, all while making sure things stay civil and end on a good note
C. I wouldn’t care at all

If you were to see your crush hitting on another girl at a party, how would you handle that?
A. I would glare at him from across the room, and storm out. While storming out I would definitely bash my shoulder against the girls cause she deserves
B. I would be a little bummed, but it’s not like he’s mine! He can do what he wants
C. I wouldn’t really care, he can do whatever he wants

If you and your ex ended on a bad note and you ran into him and his new bae out in public, how would you handle the situation?
A. I would roll me eyes and walk right by. She doesn’t even compare to me and he doesn’t even deserve to hear my voice or be in my presence
B. I would smile and wave politely, and if we were to start up a conversation, I would be as polite as possible to avoid an uncomfortable situation
C. I would walk away immediately

Your friend wore your favorite pair of shoes out and accidentally completely ruined them… how would you handle the situation?
A. I would be pissed and demand that she bought me a new pair asap
B. I would obviously be upset, like anyone would, but if it was an accident, why would I mistreat her? She didn’t do it out of malice!
C. I would just throw them away

You go out to dinner with your girls and one of your friends totally forgot her wallet and you’re the only one with extra cash. What do you do?
A. I pretend I don’t have any extra cash either… Her stomach may be starving, but so will my wallet if I help her out!
B. Immediately offer to pay for her meal. If worst comes to worst, she can just pay me back later when we get home!
C. I just stand there unless she asks me to help

You and your boyfriend get into an argument. How would you go about fixing the situation?
A. He can come to me when he is ready to apologize and admit he is wrong. I am not fixing something if it isn’t my fault
B. I would obviously be open to communicating, and would want to hear his side of things so things can be solved and we can find a compromise to whatever it is that we may be fighting about
C. I would just say things are fine and move on

You asked for one thing for Christmas, but your parents couldn’t end up getting it for you. What’s your reaction?
I mean, hello, it’s Christmas… I should be getting what I ask for, so obviously I’m going to say something and confront them about it
Christmas isn’t about the materialistic things. If they couldn’t get it, that’s no biggie – I’m not stressing
I’d just sit there and not care

If your boyfriend said you guys “need to talk,” how would you handle hearing that news?
A. I would freak out and demand him to tell me what’s going on immediately
B. Obviously talk to him and see what was going on in a calm manner, and try to hear them out and fix things that need to be fixed
C. I’d say, “then let’s talk”

Mostly A’s – It sounds like you definitely are emotionally immature… From the way you handle situations, to the way you get ticked off sort of easily, it sounds like you have a lot of self growth that needs to happen. And hey, being emotionally immature isn’t a terrible thing – things just means you have room to grow and you have an opportunity to turn things around and be mature for the ones in your life that need it. Try to not take life so seriously and just be a little more flexible with your needs. Take time to stop and think about how you’re going to react before you do so; these are great first steps in becoming emotionally mature!

Mostly B’s – Girl, you’ve got all the right answers coming out of you! You definitely have an extremely mature view on situations. You know when to act on your feelings, and when it’s inappropriate to do so as well. As long as you are aware that people aren’t walking all over your passive ways of handling things, it sounds like you’ve got it all going on for yourself! Whoever you end up with is going to be lucky to have someone that sounds wise beyond their years. S/O to you girl, keep doing you!

Mostly C’s – While you may not be overly emotional and out of control with your emotions, it sounds like you actually need to be a little more emotionally invested in some important things! It’s great that you are capable of suppressing your feelings and being able to not feel something towards negative circumstances, but then again, it’s completely normal and human to have strong feelings towards things, and with that being said, it is completely normal and human to act on those feelings when the time is right. My advice? Beware of becoming too emotional, but don’t be afraid to act on your emotions when you are feeling something!

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