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What’s My Girl Personality Type?

Write down your answers for this fun personality quiz!

1. It’s time to get ready for school, so you:
a. Roll out of bed, brush your teeth and are on your way
b. Set an alarm 2 hours prior to when you have to leave. You’ve got boys to impress, haters to slay and a school to run!
c. You spend time getting a healthy breakfast in you while reading over some in-class lecture notes. Always gotta be prepared and ready for the day!

2, It’s passing period so you take this time to:
a. Go chill with some friends before you make your way to your next class
b. Stop by the bathroom, re-apply your new Kylie Cosmetics lipgloss, make sure your outfit is on fleek, and off you go to strut your stuff
c. Walk straight to class so you’re on time, prepared for when the bell rings, and make sure that there aren’t any surprise pop quizzes that are awaiting you!

3. It’s lunch time, so you pull out from your backpack:
a. A sandwich you threw together last night, some granola bars, and an apple juice
b. Eating in the cafeteria? LOL. You’re on you’re way to the closest starbucks to get your double chai tea latte with no foam with a vanilla scone
c. Carrots and hummus, celery, and a nutrient-enriched protein bar (along with a gatorade to get those electrolytes and a water bottle)

4. You’ve had the longest day at school and when you get home your mom asks you to do chores. You:
a. Tell her you’ve had the longest day and need a nap ASAP before you do anything else
b. Lie and say you’ve got lots of studies to do so you can’t, then head up to your room to catch up on the latest episode of Gossip Girl
c. Immediately put your stuff down and bust out the chores. The sooner you finish your chores, the sooner you can get to knocking your studies out of the way

5. Your type of guy is:
a. Anyone who’s got good looks but is chill and fun to spend time with
b. Tall, dark and handsome all the way. You usually fall for the jocks/sporty guys. Oh, and it’s a must that he’s over 6 foot.
c. A sweet guy who gets good grades and has his priorities straightened out. If he’s got a good head screwed on, he’s good enough for me! Although I wouldn’t mind if he was a cutie as well…

6. In the group text you have with your girls they decide it’s going to be girls day tomorrow and everyone is throwing out suggestions on what to do. You reply and say:
a. We should lounge around at someone’s house and have a movie marathon
b. SHOPPING!!! Along with a stop at Starbucks of course 😉
c. Go on a hike or play some soccer outside

7. What’s your favorite color?
a. Black, white, or silver
b. Pink, purple or red
c. Blue, green or yellow

8. If you had to choose one of the following movies for movie night, which one would it be?
a. Harry Potter
b. Mean Girls
c. Star Wars

Mostly A’s – You’re just as chill as they get! You have a super laid back personality that a lot of people find relaxing! You don’t stress over the little things and do what makes you comfortable and happy, which is fantastic! Serious props to you girl! Being confident in yourself and the life you want to life is so important, especially as a teenager. Stay true to you because you’re livin’ life right!

Mostly B’s – Well if it isn’t miss Queen B herself! You totally rule the school girl! From the way you slay starting at 6 o’clock AM to your urban lifestyle, you totally got it going on. You know how to have fun and live a life that makes you feel good about yourself. Your personality is definitely has confidence and success written all over it. Staying true to yourself is so important and it’s great that your personality portrays this! Not a lot of people have this, so stay confident and continue to shine like the star you are!

Mostly C’s – You are one awesome girl! Your personality type is driven and tactful. You live your life trying to be as successful as possible. Whether that correlates with academics or healthy living, you’re killin’ it all around! Staying on top of things is your forte and is extremely important skill to acquire, especially for when you graduate high school and are preparing for the real world! So keep staying on top of it girl, cause one day you’ll be on top, ruling the world!

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7 Responses

  1. Kairi says:

    I picked mostly A lol that is so me

  2. Caite312 says:

    Um I sorta have a result but I don’t because I’m between b’s and c’s so I don’t know

  3. mallory says:

    i did the quiz two different times and nothing happened each time. i selected my answers and they stayed the same. ??

  4. Ayanna Maquine says:

    what if you’re all three?!?

  5. Valeria P.R. says:

    Umm what if u have no friends