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Quiz – Are You Too Needy?

Your partner calls you and says they had a long day and are too tired to go out… you:
A. Are understanding, you to come over to keep them company because you still want to see them
B. Get upset, you were really looking forward to hanging out tonight
C. Tell them not to worry about it, we all need our alone time

Your partner says they will text you when they get out of class, you know they are out but haven’t called yet, what would you do?
A. Wait an hour or two to call, maybe he or she got distracted
B. Text or call them as soon and class gets out
C. Let them call you first like they said they would

How often do you two talk each day?
A. We text or call each other off and on throughout the day
B. If we aren’t together we are probably texting
C. We make time to talk at least once a day

How do you feel about your bf/gf having close friends of the opposite gender?
A. It doesn’t bother me too much, I wouldn’t want them hanging out one on one though of course
B. I don’t like that at all
C. There’s nothing wrong with that! I have friends of the opposite gender too

When you two go out, are you touchy with each other?
A. Only if we feel like it
B. Yes, I love having his attention at all times
C. No we don’t like PDA

Your bf/gf sends you a good morning text every morning but you didn’t get one today , you are :
A. A little bothered, but not enough to say anything about it
B. Very upset, maybe they don’t care about you as much
C. Not giving it much thought, they probably forgot!

If you and your partner go to a party together… you will:
A. Spend some time with each other but mingle with other friends too
B. Be by each other’s side the whole night
C. Take this time to hang out with other people, we get to spend a lot of time together anyways!

You and your partner both want to get food but you want Chinese and he wants Mexican… you:
A. Go to both places, they both people are happy
B. Go wherever he wants to go, you’re fine as long as you are together
C. Go your separate ways to get food, you can just meet up after!

Mostly A’s – You are a little bit needy in a relationship, but not in a bad way! Of course you care about your partner and want to spend most of your time with them but you are very understanding when things come up. Your relationship has just the right balance of being independent and needy. Other people like to be around you because your life and plans do not completely revolve around what your partner is doing.

Mostly B’s – You are definitely the needy type. You like to constantly be reminded and assured that your partner cares about you and isn’t losing interest in you. It might but a strain on your relationship if you do not give the other person enough freedom, so that is something to keep in mind for the future! Make sure to always put yourself and your feelings first, before anyone else’s.

Mostly C’s – You are not needy at all! Your partner is probably very appreciative of the freedom that you give them in your relationship. It is very healthy that you are understanding and allow each other space when it is needed. The fact that you are not over-attached to your partner will allow for you to still have strong relationships with other friends and family!

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