Are You In Love Or Is It Just a Crush? –

Are You In Love Or Is It Just a Crush?

1. When you first met your crush, you:
a. Thought he was super cute and wanted to get to know him!
b. Felt immeditate butterflies and you already could tell you felt something
c. Thought their personality was more attractive than they were
2. After you met your crush and you guys became friends, you:
a. Now associate in the same friend group and hang out on the weekends!
b. Hang out all the time, in groups and just one on one, but I secretly just prefer one on one
c. We don’t hang out very often, but when we do it’s with mutal friends

3. If your crush were to ask you out on a date, you would feel:
a. Excited! It’ll be good seeing if you’re compatable.
b. Lots of excitment, but lots of nerves. You want it to go perfectly and are stressing about everything!
c. I’d look forward to it! Who doesn’t love a free meal and nice eye candy?
4. Why do you want to date your crush?
a. We’d make the cutest couple, plus he’d be fun to show off 😉
b. His personality is perfect, we get along so well, and have so much in common. Not to mention his looks!!!
c. It would be fun to have a boy in my life, I enjoy cuddling and date nights as much as any other girl!
5. How do you think your crush acts towards you?
a. Super flirty! He’s always cracking jokes and making me laugh!
b. He’s extremely sweet and makes me smiles with the littlest of things, but of course there’s the occasional flirting…
c. He acts fine! Nothing crazy out of the ordinary, but enough to make me enjoy hanging with them!

6. Your feelings towards your crush…
a. Have pretty much stayed the same since you met them, but you get the occasional extra butterflies when he does something cute
b. Progress more and more every time you see them and spend time with them
c. Have remained the same. He’s cute and I like hanging with him
7. Whenever his name pops up on your phone, you:
a. Smile and reply immediately!
b. Feel butterflies in your stomach and get super excited that he was thinking of you. You take your time in replying though, you don’t want him to think you’re too anxious!
c. Reply a couple hours later but still are glad he texted you
8. When you fantasize about your crush, the scenario is usually:
a. Them asking you out on a nice date and ending the night with a smooch!
b. It starts off with you two at a romantic candle-lit dinner, then he’s all of a sudden on one knee, and next thing you know you’re at the alter saying your hand written vows!
c. Taking you out for a meal and heading back to your place for a movie with some hooking-up involved

Mostly A’s – It sounds like you have a serious crush!! I don’t think youre in love, but you’re definitely on your way! It seems as if you really really like this guy and are wanting things to get serious, but I wouldn’t say that you had love at first sight. Having serious feelings is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, but I suggest to just go for what you want and don’t hold back! Who knows? You could be crushing on the future love of your life!

Mostly B’s – Girl you are head over heels for this guy… It’s love!!! The fact that you are already fantasizing about a serious future with him and had feeilngs from the moment you saw him speak volumes. Nerves and butterflies sound cheesy, but they are true signs of someone in love! It’s also huge that you see more in him than just his dreamy eyes and nice hair. I hope your love has mutual feelings, because your feelings are the real deal!

Mostly C’s – Don’t worry girlfriend, you’re in the clear, this definitely isn’t love! You sound like you have feelings for this special someone, but you for sure aren’t about to accept a proposal from the guy. Not being in love is actually a blessing because not only does it means less hurt feelings for you if he doesn’t have the hots for you, but it gives you a chance to fall for him with him if he does end up asking you out/pursues you! Just keep doing you and if things start to sizzle with this guy, I say go for it!

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