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10 Signs He is Leading You On

1. He’s texting you a lot… but not to make plans. You guys are always texting about the most random things, vent to each other, and sometimes even confide embarrassing stories to each other! You find yourself wanting him to ask you to hang out, but he never does. The conversation is flirty and fun, but never exceeds just that.

2. When he does make plans, they’re with group things. Yes, getting to spend some time with him with people is better than none at all, but you’re greedy! You want alone time! You want to have time where it’s just the two of you, and you are receiving all of his attention. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case because he’s never asked to hang just the two of you…

3. If it is plans with just you two, it’s late at night, and he is ALL OVER you. He just so happens to busy every hour of every day of every week, but the only time he finds himself available is late at night when he’s feeling lonely, and knows you are too. These are signs that he is definitely just using you as a booty call and is leading you on. He may say that he has just been “really busy” and “really does love spending time with you,” but if this time almost always involves “Netflix and Chilling” then you are being led on.

4. He acts like you don’t exist in social settings. It’s Friday night and everyone is at the game supporting the football team. He comes over to the student section and walks right by you without acknowledging your exists. Hours later when it’s late at night, he hits you up with his typical “WYD?” text. If he can remember you when he’s lonely, he should be able to remember you when he sees you in person at a football game.

5. He only texts you to vent/when he’s down. Essentially, he is using you as an emotional therapist. He knows that he can go to you because you’re always on call, no matter what time it is. He uses you to boost him up, because men are actually really emotional, and once he is back on his high horse, it’s like you don’t exist.

6. He says he isn’t into “labels.” He has been wanting things to stay on the downlow – and by downlow I mean not even your best friend can hear that you guys have been seeing each other. He tells you that he just isn’t into labels, but what he’s really saying is that he enjoys spending time with you, and kissing you, and all of the other benefits you get from being in a relationship, but doesn’t want anyone knowing that he’s off the market. He isn’t wanting to be “tied down” and is wanting to play the game even more so than he already is with you.

7. He doesn’t ask you to be his “plus-one” when the opportunity arises. He has had office parties, birthday parties, and even a wedding event that he could have brought you to to show you off! Instead, what does he do? He says that his “hands are tied” and that “he would love to bring you, but he just can’t.” The real reason? He wants to appear single and available for the other cute ladies that will be attending these events. If he doesn’t want people know there is a plus one in the picture (AKA YOU), then he is leading you on.

8. He’s always talking about himself. If he was into you and want to have something serious come of whatever is there between you two, he would be asking about your interests, hobbies, and just about you in general. If he is constantly talking about himself, he is basically stating that you aren’t important enough to get to know, let alone someone to get serious with.

9. If you aren’t the one putting in an effort, there’s nothing there. You want to hang out? You want to text? You want to tell each other about your days? YOU have to be the one to initiate all conversation and communication. This guy is definitely leading you on if you’re the only one that care what the other one ate during their lunch break. It’s clear that a guy is into you when he makes an effort to talk to you. No effort? No feelings. No feelings? You’re being lead on.

10. He is all of a sudden really into you when there’s competition. Naturally, when men feel threatened, they feel the need to up their game. If a new man comes along and is sweeping you up off your feet with effort and communication, and is clearly showing that he cares for you, Mr. Not-So-Interested is going to up his game REAL quick. The fact that it only takes a threat for him to treat you the way you deserve is sad, and unfortunately goes to show that you’re just being lead on.

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2 Responses

  1. cynthia says:

    Why? Is he doing this i thought he liked me??????

  2. Aliah says:

    I had this happen to me ans everyone says he still likes me after 54 days of not being together. ?