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Quiz – How Well Do You Really Know Him/Her?

1. When your partner is going through a hard time, you:
a. Usually find out after things are better. Your partner tends to keep to themselves when it comes to personal things
b. I don’t ever hear about things like that in his or her life
c. Am 100% there for him or her! We are in everything together!

2. Your partner’s birthday is next week, what are you gonna get them?
a. Ask their mom or some friends what they think your partner would like best… You’ll figure something out
b. You have NO idea! They haven’t said anything about what they want yet.
c. You’re gonna get concert tickets to see their favorite artist and take them out to their fave restaurant. The whole night has to be perfect and just for them!

3. Your partner has invited you to attend their annual family reunion with them. How does it go?
a. You know a few of their close family members and let your partner introduce you to the rest of them.
b. You’re so nervous! You don’t know any of them… hopefully they aren’t weird!
c. You are super excited, you love his family!

4. You know you’re partner is stuck home all night studying so you decide to bring them dinner. You:
a. Play it safe and get him a burger and fries, who wouldn’t want that!
b. Text him asking where they want dinner from so you don’t get something they don’t like
c. You know exactly what your partner would want, their favorite meal from a local restaurant!

5. Your partner asks you to stop by their house to grab some clothes to change into after work. When you go into their room to grab clothes, you:
a. Call his or her mom upstairs so she can help you pick something out
b. Send them pictures of their closet so they can tell you what to bring
c. Know exactly what to bring, no need to even ask!

6. Your partner is in the shower and leaves their phone in the room with you. After looking on their phone:
a. You find some texting conversations you don’t like but you won’t say anything because you’re sure it’s no big deal and you don’t want to start drama.
b. You are shocked at what you find. They are usually very secretive while on his phone and would be upset it they saw that you were on it.
c. You find nothing surprising, the only reason you went on was because your phone died!

Mostly A’s – You might not know your partner as well as you think you do. In some aspects of your relationship, you are not as close as you should be. You both should make more of an effort to involve each other in your personal lives. In a relationship, you should know everything about each other and there shouldn’t be a lot of unsurety! Make sure you know your partner as well as you would like them to know you.

Mostly B’s – I hope you and your partner are still at the beginning of your relationship because you do not nearly know enough about him! You should make a lot more of an effort to ask about his or herself and make it a priority to play a large role in their personal life. Your relationship will be much greater once you feel like you know them better.

Mostly C’s – There is no need to worry your partner is exactly who you think they are! There is nothing in their personal life that they wouldn’t tell you and you can trust them 100%. Your relationship will be very strong because of how close you are with each other. There is nothing for you to worry about, your partner is EXACTLY who you think they are.

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