How To Impress a Guy –

How To Impress a Guy

Every girl has that one special guy that she wants to get extra attention from/impress! There are several ways to do this:

First step is to have confidence– Boys are extremely attracted to a lady who knows that she’s got it going on. If you portray yourself as a self-loving, confident woman, he will know that you are capable of receiving love.

Another thing that boys love is wit/humor– Laughing at everything a guy says is one thing, but if YOU are the source of laughter in the conversation, that’s a total game-changer. Being witty is also a great way to throw in some flirtation skills. When you make him laugh, lean into him and touch his arm. It will display your interest and give him the green light to do the same!

Boys also love a woman who puts in an effort to how she looks– Spending a little extra time in front of the mirror in the morning will not only boost your self confidence, but give him some eye-candy to enjoy! Going along with putting in extra effort, taking a few seconds out of your morning routine to spray on some body mist/perfume is a great way to impress your man.

Guys are suckers for a good perfume– Plus whenever he smells something similar to your “scent,” he’ll be thinking of you, and we all want that with our desired men, don’t we?!

Boys especially are attracted to a woman that isn’t too easy to get– They enjoy a challenge. Don’t make it too obvious that you’re 100% ready and down for him; make him wonder. This curiosity will provide him with enough drive to pursue you to see whether you’re interested or not. Just be aware that you aren’t playing too hard to get – try to find the right balance.

Confidence, wit/humor, a good appearance, a memorable scent, and a challenge are a great way to impress the man of your dreams. With these in mind, go out there and get impressing! You’re sure to get a few admirers, and hopefully the man you have your eye on is one of them!

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2 Responses

  1. madisyn crockett says:

    wow… this actually helped omg :))

  2. Lover girl says:

    I’ve done all these things and they actually worked, my crush came running after me in 1WEEK!! We’ve been together Now for 3 days and he can’t get enough of me, I’m still doing all the steps and he is literally all over me!! For the entire week I tried it he was forever with me. It was heaven!!! But to be honest even though I did all the steps I still acted like me because we were originally just friends, I have to say, escaping the friend zone is the WORST! It’s sooo difficult boys just can’t see when your flirting so this list was a life saver, I found out yesterday that he’s liked me since 6th grade!! I wish every girl hoping to get the guy major good luck, girl to girl I know excactly how hard it is to show a guy you like him and from past experience I know that it can totally wreck your social life!!! I wish you all the best of lock and I hope you get what your after xxx