Are You A Good Girlfriend? –

Are You A Good Girlfriend?

Keep track of how many of each letter you get for each response!

How often do you tell your partner you love or appreciate them?
a. Rarely, they already know!
b. All the time
c. Only whenever I remember to

Your boyfriend says he’s going to stay in for the night because he is not feeling well
a. You are a little upset because you wanted to see him
b. You feel bad so you bring him a care package to try to make him feel better
c. You tell him not to worry and that you hope he feels better

Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, what do you have planned?
a. Not much, you aren’t good at coming up with surprises
b. You make a reservation at his favorite restaurant and get him a nice present
c. Something small like a movie night or something

When it comes to his friends and family, you:
a. Don’t really make an effort to get to know them
b. Are very interested in meeting and hanging out with them
c. Only see them if he want’s to

You walk into your boyfriend’s house and he is watching a TV show that you think is very stupid, you are most likely to:
a. Tell him to turn it off because it’s dumb\
b. Let him keep it on, you see he is enjoying it
c. You don’t say anything, but you are on your phone the whole time because you don’t want to watch it

You can tell your boyfriend has been acting very distant lately, you:
a. Get upset, you hate when he acts like that
b. Talk to him to see if there is anything you can do to help the relationship
c. Ask him why he has been so weird lately

If your boyfriend makes a comment that hurts your feelings, you will:
a. Yell at him and tell him to leave you alone
b. Explain that his comment hurt your feelings and ask him to apologize
c. Laugh it off, you’re sure he didn’t mean anything by it

Your boyfriend has a big game Friday night that he wants you to go but you have a really big exam the next day, you:
a. Stay home to study, grades always come first
b. Go to the game, you want to be a supportive girlfriend
c. Go to the game first, but explain that you have to leave early to study

Mostly A’sTo be honest, you are not being the best girlfriend you could be! You should make more of an effort to make your partner’s needs a higher priority to you. When you are in a relationship, you have the responsibility to try your best to make both of you happy. If you are not fully invested in your relationship, it might be best that you take a break before you get into another relationship. You deserve to be with someone who is crazy about and knows you are crazy about them!

Mostly B’s You are a great girlfriend! You are very good at putting your partner’s feelings first in the relationship. That is something very valuable in a relationship and will make it more sustainable in the long run. You make an effort to go out of your way for your boyfriend and that is something that is probably very important to him. You play a large role in his life and one can only hope he is lucky enough to keep you in his life!

Mostly C’sIt seems like you are a good girlfriend, but you could be even better! You are fairly supportive of him but you are not !00% invested in his life. At times, your partner is not as high on your priority list as they should be. You should go out of your way more to see them and tell them you appreciate them, not just when it is convenient. For the most part, you are being a good girlfriend you just need to keep your partner’s feelings in mind more often! Being in a relationship requires a lot of effort from both people

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2 Responses

  1. Kt says:

    These quizzes are amazing my ex broke up with me saying a bad gf and his test proves I’m not a bad gf

  2. rosiesaurus says:

    This is dumb I got C but im a great gf