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6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup FAST

Get rid of pictures and memorobilia – Do you have gifts, t-shirts, pictures or anything else that reminds you of him/her? If so, get rid of them all. They will only continually remind you of this person and make it harder to heal.

Avoid places and activities that remind you of this person – Just in the short term, maybe for a week or two it’s good to remove yourself from places and situations that will keep the memories fresh in your mind. If you have an opportunity to take a trip and go out of town, go for it!

Actively start meeting new people – Start contacting friends that you may have lost touch with or attend activities that you might have otherwise blown off.  This will help you start seeing that there are still lots of options for you and help you get your mind off of the loss.

When you think of them, remind yourself of their flaws – Sometimes after a breakup we’re so focused on the qualities that we are going to miss that we forget that there were major flaws there that caused it to fall apart in the first place.  Don’t gloss over the negatives, remember the selfishness, demands or annoying traits that contributed to the relationship’s ultimate demise.

Is it the person or the rejection? Also, be ready to face the real question, is it the person that you are going to miss or is it the rejection that hurts the most?  Rejection actually isn’t that hard to get past over time.  Eventually when you move on and no longer care as much what that person thinks the fact that they turned you away at one point in time becomes much less painful or not painful at all.

Try to avoid contact – I don’t recommend trying to stay friends with this person.  It will only keep feelings and jealousy alive.  It’s best to cut off contact as much as possible until you feel so neutral about this person that seeing them with a new gf/bf wouldn’t bother you at all.

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