How To Let Someone Know They Are in The Friendzone Without Hurting Them –

How To Let Someone Know They Are in The Friendzone Without Hurting Them

Having a friend of the opposite sex is great in many ways but there is that one downside. It’s likely that one person has bigger feelings for the other and the feeling isn’t mutual. If you are currently in this position, you know it’s a little like walking on a tightrope. You want to enjoy their company without leading them on. So how do you gracefully let your buddy know you’re not that into him/her?

1. Body Language
Your body language says a lot about how you feel about someone. Be careful about hugging the person every time you see them. Keep your distance when you sit beside each other.

2. Avoid flirting
Of course it’s fun to flirt but you stand the chance of breaking your friends heart. Much better to flirt with someone you know doesn’t have feelings for you.

3. Try Not to Get Angry
You may find it frustrating that they’re not getting the point but don’t get angry and lash out. Be patient and remember, they don’t know what you’re thinking until you actually tell them.

4. Don’t Start Dating Someone Else
Before you have the chat, you should probably avoid from seeking love elsewhere. This is not the right way to let someone know they’re in the friendzone.

5. Have An Honest Chat
When you do talk to your friend, let them know the truth about why it will never be a romantic match. Don’t be cliché, tell them the specific reasons you just don’t feel the love buzz. You know what they are.

6. Don’t Ghost Them After the Chat
It may seem a little awkward once you’ve had the chat but don’t ghost your friend. That takes away any chance of friendship as you’ve pretty much dissed them completely.

7. Allow Things To Resume
Eventually, your friend will come around and when they do, have your arms open wide (metaphorically speaking). You haven’t done anything wrong and they will forgive you. Your friendship will likely be better than ever without any wondering of where it will go.

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