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Quiz – Are You Good at Flirting?

1. It’s girls night out and you see a total babe across the room. Your approach is to:
a. Go introduce yourself and say hi
b. Wink from across the room hoping he notices you
c. Nothing. If he wanted to talk he would make a move

2. Before you talk to your crush, you:
a. Check the mirror, make sure you’re lookin’ hot, and march on over
b. Spend a few minutes convincing yourself to go talk to him with a pep-talk
c. Hide in the bathroom avoiding the whole situation in general

3. You and your crush are texting. The texts consist of:
a. Lots and lots and LOTS of winky and smirk face emojis
b. Homework help and a few side conversations
c. Texting your crush? You’re lucky if he even notices you in class!

4. Your best guy friend turns out to be your biggest crush. How do you tell him?
a. You straight up say you’ve got the hots for him! What’s there to lose?!
b. You hint at it in flirty ways, but never outright say it
c. You wouldn’t be caught dead telling your best friend you like them, what are you, crazy?!

5. You get asked out on a date! Your idea of a cute outfit is:
a. A cleavage-enhancing, body-hugging top with a cute pair of heels
b. A T-shirt, flannel tied around the waist, and a cute pair of jeans
c. Whatever you’re wearing… Does it even matter?

6. What is your “go-to” flirt tactic?
a. Lean in when I laugh at all of his jokes and grab his arm. Physical contact is everything!
b. Use occasional winky faces when texting
c. Making fun of them with EVERYTHING. Who says this tactic needs to be left in elementary school?!

7. It’s your turn to pick what you do for date night! You decide on:
a. Night out on the town so you can dance up against your man
b. A nice dinner date with your boy
c. Stay in, watch movies, and stuff your face with pizza and ice-cream!

8. The boy you like is right next to you at the big game on a Friday night. You:
a. Start a convo, and be sure to ask what he’s doing after so you can be there!
b. Smile and high-five when the team scores
c. Move to the other side of the bleachers because you’re too nervous!

9. Your crush leans over to give you a kiss, you:
a. Grab him and start smoochin’ away!
b. Kiss him back, but aren’t gettin’ too crazy!
c. Turn your head and give him your cheek to kiss instead!

Mostly A’s – Girl, you must have all of the boys all over you, your flirting skills are A1! You know how to put up the moves to get your point across that you’re interested. Giving away signs and leaving the power in his hands is exactly how a good flirter handles things. Way to go!

Mostly B’s – Not bad, not bad at all! Your flirting skills aren’t horrible, but you could do a few things to improve. Making it clear that you have interest is helpful when it comes to getting a boy, but you do a good job at playing hard to get! If you want to improve, try to not hold yourself back/care what he’ll think and just go for what you want!

Mostly C’s – Hate to break it to ya girl, but your flirting skills are just about as bad as they get! You’re a woman in the 21 century, go out there and get what you want! Put a little more effort into showing your crush that you’re into him so he can get the message, and hopefully reciprocate those feelings! You’ve got this!

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4 Responses

  1. Cierra clary says:

    I never realized how flirty I actually was till I took this quiz.

  2. Natalia says:

    I pick number C xD

  3. Lena says:

    Ll I got