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What Does It Mean if You Dream About Someone?

Dreams are a reflection of whats happening on a subconscious level in your day to day life. If you find someone showing up your dreams, here are some of the main reasons why this could be happening:

1) You have some real feelings about this person that are not being shown – You may have some suppressed feelings about this person. Maybe it’s a crush you should let know that you’re interested or a friend that you should reconnect with.

2) There are unresolved issues – Maybe a relationship ended with confusion and unanswered questions on your end and your subconcious is still trying to work it out? You may want to consider contacting this person and seeing if you can get some closure to the issue.

3) You see this person frequently – Perhaps the simple truth is nothing more than the fact that you see this person frequently so they happen to show up in your dreams. But more often than not, people show up your dreams because there are feelings about that person that are affecting you on a deeper level.

4) They represent an insecurity or anxiety – Are they showing up as a negative presence in your dreams? If someone is a negative influence on you in your dreams, that can be an indication that they are or represent some anxieties or insecurities that you might have. It’s time to figure out what those concerns are and look into ways that you can solve them in real life.

5) You have strong positive feelings about this person – Maybe you are dating this person or they already know how you feel.  Whether they do or not, strong positive feelings about someone can cause them to show up in your dreams.

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