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Quiz – Are You A Drama Queen

When you and your friends get in a fight, what’s your typical attitude towards it?
A. I hate fighting and always try to resolve the conflict ASAP
B. I don’t really care that much at all
C. It’s almost EVER my fault and she needs to make me an apology ASAP

You see your crush at a party with another girl. What’s your reaction to this?
A. It’s saddenning, but he isn’t my boyfriend, so he’s free to do what he wants!
B. I wouldn’t care
C. I would leave immediately and start bawling, whilst calling all of my BFFs to tell them ASAP

You decide to text your crush and they don’t end up replying… What do you do?
A. Try to be optimistic! Maybe his phone is dead, but if not, it’s no biggie
B. I wouldn’t text my crush in the first place
C. I would send a screenshot in the group text with all of my BFFs and have them all rant with me about what a jerk he is

Your significant other ends up sending you a text that says, “We need to talk.” What do you do?
A. Get a little anxious but immediately meet up with him
B. Shrug your shoulders and text back with a “K”
C. Start to freak out and call your BFF to rant about the nerve he has to send you that text

You’re walking and someone accidentally spills their coffee on you. What do you do?
A. Tell them it’s totally fine and try to dab as much out as you can. It’s just a shirt!
B. Not care at all
C. Scream and say that they need to give you money immediately for a new shirt

Someone totally spoils what happens in your favorite show, what do you do?
A. Get dissapointed, but still try to enjoy it while you’re watching it
B. Give zero cares
C. Scream at them and tell them you two aren’t friends anymore

There are some people that are gossiping about you. What is your reaction?
A. Talk to them privately about it
B. Nothing
C. Immediately go to their house and freak out on them, maybe even egg their cars later that night

How often do you find yourself needing attention?
A. I mean not super often, but a little b it every now and then would be nice!
B. Never
C. All the time, duh, why would I not want attention?


Mostly A’s – It sounds like you are a very easy going person – no drama here! You understand on how to be emotionally intelligent which is super important when it comes to handling situations. Knowing how to handle situations and how to have appropriate reactions is super important in life and will benefit you in more places than one! Beware of people using your cool-headed attitude to their advantage, but other than that, keep doing you!

Mostly B’s – You sound like you are veerryyyyy chill.Based off of your answers, it doesn’t sound like anything bothers you at all. It’s nice to have an attitude that doesn’t let things phase you, but try to be aware of people taking this as you being shallow or not caring about them when you may just not be caring about the situation at hand. As long as you’re happy with the way that you live life, keep doing you!

Mostly C’s – Homegirl, you are most definitely a drama queen! You definitely aren’t afraid to show people how you are feeling and you aren’t afraid of hiding your true colors/emotions. This is great, but you need to beware that all of this can lead people to fear you and your crazy attitude towards things. As long as you are being a respectful, nice person, I don’t see anything wrong with a little attitude, as long it isn’t negatively affecting people! You do you!

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