Does Your Crush Have a Crush on You? –

Does Your Crush Have a Crush on You?

1. You and your crush’s hobbies are:
a. Super similar! We’re practically the same person
b. They aren’t exactly the same, but I’m sure he’d enjoy what I like doing
c. They couldn’t be more polar opposite. Stereotypical jock and nerd situation

2. You see your crush in public. His initial reaction is he:
a. Immediately goes up to you and starts a convo. He’s always been really friendly, and you could maybe even call it flirty!
b. He’ll smile, and if our paths cross he’ll make a conversation, but he doesn’t usually go out of his way to talk to me
c. He doesn’t even know my name… the only reaction I’d get is a glare for getting caught starting at him so much!

3. Does your crush ever give you a bad time/make fun of you/tease you (in a friendly way of course)?
a. Almost every time we talk, but he’s always smiling and makes sure I know he’s just messing with me
b. Sometimes, but I have a feeling it’s simply more sarcastic than flirty
c. No, we don’t talk that much, so in the rare case that we do, he wouldn’t know me well enough to tease me. Small talk is as far as we’d get

4. Has he ever tried to impress you?
a. Oh yeah, almost every time were together he’s telling me about how he whooped his friends in whatever activity they were partaking in. b. Video games, sports, arm wrestling… You name it, he’s told me about it!
b. He’s definitely mention times where he has been successful in something, but I’m not sure whether it’s to impress me or to “woo me over” as opposed to just making small talk
c. I wish!! If he wanted to impress me, I’d pass out!

5. Does he ever call you to talk on the phone?
a. Oh yeah, it’s out of the ordinary if we go more than a day without talking on the phone
b. Sometimes, but it’s mostly just for specific things like homework help or to tell me something specific; never to “just talk” for fun
c. LOL I wish he had my number in the first place

6. Have you ever heard from another source that he has feelings for you?
a. I’ve heard it from a couple of people, but that could just be rummors… Right?
b. A couple people have suggested the idea, but I’ve always immediately turned it down
c. Nope, no one even knows he knows who I am

7. When you’re looking into each others eyes for longer than normal, what does he do?
a. He smiles while looking into my eyes, and then turns his head away first
b. He catches himself and then turns away, but doesn’t really give any hints that he felt sparks fly
c. The only time we’d be looking into each others eyes is if he caught me staring from across the room, so he would just have a creeped out expression on his face

8. What’s your gut tell you about whether he likes you or not?
a. I have a good idea that he has a crush on me back, but I would never ask him straight up! What am I, crazy?!
b. I mean there is definitely a possibility, but I’m not 100% sure either way… I feel like he could, but then again he could just be really nice to me
c. I know he doesn’t like me, but you never know right?!

Mostly A’s – Wedding bells are ringing, girl! I’m not sure how he hasn’t asked you out already, but your crush is DEFINITELY feeling something for you back! Now it’s your turn to give him signs so he can feel secure with the idea of asking you out! Or you could always ask him out, the chances of him saying no are pretty much non-existent! Go out there and get your man!!

Mostly B’s – Hmm… Your crush seems to be giving off mixed signals! It could go either way at this point, but maybe the thing that’s holding him back is that he isn’t sure if you reciprocate the feelings or not. Putting yourself out there is scary, but if you want a chance with your crush, maybe it’s time to be a little crazy and tell him how you feel! Giving him the chance to ask you out and know that he won’t be laughed at or put down is a lot more powerful than you think! I say go for it!

Mostly C’s – Unfortunately, it isn’t sounding too hot for you, girlfriend. Based off of your anwers, your crush probably doesn’t know you well enough yet to develope an opinion on whether he has feelings for you or not! All great relationships start with a great friendship. There is nothing wrong with making new friends, and who knows, once you get to know your crush, he might not even be the one for you! I say go out there and make a new friend, and who knows, maybe you’ll be befriending your future boyfriend!

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3 Responses

  1. Yomom says:

    One for Boys to know if a girl likes them please

  2. Yomom says:

    One for Boys to know if a girl likes them please

  3. @glad_im_me26 says:

    I called him hunny bun once and he sent me a ? Face