Is His/Her Sign Compatible With Yours? –

Is His/Her Sign Compatible With Yours?

While there are no signs that should absolutely not connect, there are a few combinations that make a really great team. Zodiac signs belong to four elements which include; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Within these elements are the 12 Astrological Signs.

Aries are highly compatible with other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius as there are few that can match the energy and adventure of fire. For a harmonious, long lasting relationship, Libra gives Aries attention and in return, Aries gives Libra everything.

Taurus is compatible with fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn which make harmonious and nurturing matches. Love compatibility would be with Scorpio as they can trust one another and value honesty.

Gemini has a high compatibility with fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius. However, when it comes to love, their best match is the exciting Sagittarius.

While Cancer gets on well with the other water signs, they crave the emotional stability and gentleness of a sign like Capricorn. They can both value home and family in equal measure.

The mighty lion, Leo is a compatible match with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius but for growth, a match made in Heaven is an Aquarius who will honor the Leo’s sensitive side.

A Virgo requires the sensibility and stability of the Pisces which is why this is a match made in Heaven. Virgo is also very compatible with the other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn.

The Libra is a sign all about what is right and fair in the world and Aries shares that same passion. Gemini and Aquarius are also a compatible match for the polite Libra and there will always be harmony between them.

The Scorpio craves someone they can trust in life and will be loyal to the very end, if you don’t cross them. Compatibility signs include the trustworthy Cancer, Pisces and Taurus.

The Warrior sign, Sagittarius plays very well with the other signs, Aries and Leo. A true love match and compatibility is with a Gemini.

The Sea Goat, Capricorn, is the hardest working of all the signs. Taurus and Cancer work well with their similar values of practicality.
The most compatible sign is Cancer as they equally value family and home above all else.

Aquarius – Aquarians, known to be well ahead of their time, are often brilliant minds that need to be fed by someone equally as intelligent. This makes the Leo their most compatible sign and because Aquarius give Leo the respect they need, this is a match that will remain harmonious.

Pisces – The wishy washy, yet artistic and spiritual nature of the Pisces makes Virgo a perfect fit as Virgo will help with grounding. Other worthy signs compatible with Pisces are fellow water signs, Scorpio and Cancer.

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53 Responses

  1. Darcy says:

    What about a Scorpio with a Scorpio

  2. Kaitie says:

    I’m a Leo and my boyfriend is a pices

  3. McKenzie Cox says:

    Uh… I feel these are just opinion. Because my fiancé is am Aries and I am a Virgo. We argue sometimes but we are both a bunch of goofballs. 🙂

    • Kadii says:

      My boyfriend is Aries and I’m a virgo and we are the same argue sometimes but always goofing around like nothing happened??

  4. Alyssa says:

    Could a Sagittarius marry a Leo?

  5. Alyssa says:

    What about Sagittarius and Virgo?

  6. Jey ?✌?️ says:

    Capricorn and Pisces?

  7. Marnada McFarlen says:

    What about a pices and sagittarius?

  8. Sammy says:

    I’m a cancer and my BF is a cancer

  9. Rose_Tyler says:

    What about a Virgo with a Virgo

  10. Klara Athens says:

    I’m a Aquarius and I don’t know what my crushes sign is and he knows j like him and he would be suspicious if I asked him… does anyone have any tips for what I should do?

    • Kirsten says:

      Just ask their birthday, or find out via insta or facebook

    • Lydia says:

      YOU could ask your friends IF they know OR ask IF ONE OF your friends could ask his birthday randomly OR YOU can check their Facebook accounts there would be their birthday

  11. Bisexual says:

    Wtf “opisate sex” Lgbt +

  12. Rowan says:

    Is a Virgo able to do date a Pisces?

  13. channel says:

    I’m Pisces and my boyfriend is Capricorn

  14. Bry says:

    I’m a Virgo and my girlfriend is a Pisces ???

  15. Moana says:

    What About Split Signs ? I Was Born On The Cusp Of Scorpio/Sagittarius & My Boyfriend Was Born On The Cusp Of Sagittarius/Capricorn .

  16. Merp says:

    I’m a scorpio and my crush is an Aquarius 🙁

  17. Aaflame says:

    I’m a Scorpio and my girlfriend is a Capricorn

  18. Jazmine says:

    What about a libra ♎ and a Leo♌

  19. Kenzie says:

    I’m a Gemini and my boyfriends a Leo and we have been together for 3 years ?

  20. unknown says:

    What about Scorpio with a Gemini

  21. unknown says:

    What about gemini and Scorpio

  22. Katy says:

    Can a Pices and and a Sagittarius live a life together

  23. Kaleigh McCarrick says:

    Scorpio with scorpio??

  24. kenia says:

    How about Cancer and Taurus

  25. Zoe Bartrop says:

    What about an Aquarius with a Gemini. The Gemini one says they are compatible with the Aquarius, soooo?

  26. Bailey says:

    I’m a Leo and my boyfriend is Virgo

  27. Thalia says:

    What about Scorpio and Leo?

  28. Annoymous says:

    My crush is a Aries I’m a Virgo will we kill each other if we start dating?

  29. LASAGNA says:

    I know non of my friends signs but now I know who 2 look out 4

  30. Tye says:

    I’m a Gemini and my husband is a Capricorn

  31. Ellowen says:

    What about a Scorpio with a Libra?

  32. Naomi says:

    What about a Scorpio with a Scorpio?

  33. Tammy says:

    HI. I’m a Taurus and My Baby A Aquarius and we like the best of friend I love him.. n my bff is a Pisces we were practically made for each other even tho we didn’t like each other at first

  34. rose says:

    my bf is gemini and i’m sagittarius ha ♥️

  35. Kehlani says:

    I’m a leo and my crush is sagittarius

  36. Shields says:

    What about Aris and Capricorn

  37. Scarlett says:

    What about Sagittarius and a Pisces?

  38. Skye says:

    I have no clue what sign I am so I have no clue what I am doing here ?

  39. Kathrina says:

    Klara Athens I am having the same problems.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Just because some website tells you that you are a curtain sign, and some work better together than others. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be with someone you love. Never give up on someone no matter what their sign is.

  41. Tate says:

    Are two of the same sign compatible like Aquarius and Aquarius or Leo and Leo?

  42. Jayna says:

    I’m an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Pisces

  43. Sydney says:

    Im a virgo and so is my man?

  44. Sirena says:

    I do not feel this is correct …. I believe it’s just something that someone said . Not the facts

  45. Spectre76 says:

    What about Scorpio and Sagittarius

  46. Aiesha says:

    Klara Athens just ask him wht his birthday is and figure it out from that

  47. Amelia says:

    What about Leo with Taurus?

  48. Brandon says:

    What about a Aquarius with an Aquarius