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Quiz – What’s Your College Girl Personality Type?

In high school, you could describe yourself as the:
a. Popular girl who was well known to have a good time!!
b. Nice girl who was all around a good person
c. Total book worm/academic queen
d. Non-school spirited girl who never really participated in school activities/went to the games or dances

Your typical school outfit is:
a. The latest trends with hair and makeup done, of course
b. A comfy t-shirt, ripped jeans, and either a pair of sandals or converse. (Some days you’re guilty of wearing leggings/jammies, but who doesn’t, right?!)
c. A t-shirt supporting your school with comfy/running shoes so you can get to class speedy and on time
d. If you even make it to school, I’m definitely going to be in my favorite pajamas and comfiest shoes, if not my slippers! And if I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll even bring a blanket for boring-class snoozes.

You get to your new school and you don’t know anyone! How do you intend on making new friends?
a. Join a sorority, of course! And they won’t be friends, they’ll be sisters.
b. Stop by some neighbors dorms and say hello, maybe even go socialize in the student union or by the pool to make some friends!
c. Definitely in a lecture hall or the library. I need to find friends that intend on being studious like I do!
d. I don’t really want to go out and look for new friends, I plan on just hanging with my friends that also came here from high school

It’s been a long week of school and it’s finally the weekend! You intend on:
a. Lookin’ hot and going out for a good time with your girls! Those few hours of studying have you itchin’ for a good time!
b. Hit some friends up and see if they wanna have a game night or a movie night! You might even go out if a friend suggests it!
c. Continuing to study. Just because we don’t have class doesn’t mean we don’t need to still get our stuff done!
d. Sit your booty on the couch and binge watch your favorite Netflix shows

What’s your ideal class size?
a. I love huge lecture halls, the bigger the better! I have a friend who’s in a class with 500 students… talk about lucky!
b. I don’t really mind, it’s all the same to me
c. I prefer smaller classes so I can try to have a more personal relationship with my professors
d. My ideal class would be just me with on computer for an online class

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to college?
a. Going out and making new friends with new memories! Gotta get that Instagram follower count up, am I right ladies?!
b. New adventures, good friends, and a good education!
c. My studies and classes. Maybe even some academic extracurricular activities, like speech and debate club!
d. Just getting out of my house and being independent with no rules

How far are you wanting to live from your home?
a. Far enough that I would have to fly home, but close enough that if I had to make the drive, it wouldn’t take 3 days
b. Far away, but definitely driving distance. 2-5 hour drive would be ideal!
c. I don’t really mind, as long as I’m going to a good school, I’m happy
d. As far away as possible. Maybe the opposite side of the country?

If you were to get a job on campus, what would be ideal?
a. Definitely working at a cute coffee shop. Gotta get those cute pics of early morning espressos and mochas!
b. Maybe at the student store so I could socialize with fellow students and get a good discount on some things!
c. As a teacher’s assistant or in the library!
d. I wouldn’t want to get a job in college

How would you describe your personality?
a. Super outgoing, fun and know’s how to have a good time while lookin’ good! 😉
b. A sweet good girl who can have fun if she wants to!
c. Studious, smart and determined
d. Relaxed, chill and sorta lazy

How do you prepare for upcoming exams/tests?
a. With a big study group of you and your friends!
b. Most of the time it’s just you, but if a friend were to ask you to study with them I wouldn’t be against it!
c. In the library every day for a week and a half in advance preparing by yourself
d. Ehh, I don’t really study, I’m a good guesser anyways!


Mostly A’s – Your college personality is the super fun girl who totally belongs in a sorority! You definitely know how to have a good time, and that is super important when it comes to being independent in college! Your outgoing personality is a great trait to have because it helps you make new friends and put yourself out there to experience new things. It sounds like you’re definitely going to have a good time when you go to college! As long as you don’t let the fun times jeopardize your education and grades, keep doing you girl!!

Mostly B’s – Your college personality is the awesome girl that people want to be friends with because you know how to have a good time without getting too crazy, but you always aren’t afraid to bring out your wild side if the occasion presents itself 😉 Based off of your answers, you know that school is important which is huge when it comes to getting a college education. You are a smart girl with a great personality and basically are the total package! Keep doin’ you girl, cause it sounds like you’re living your college life right.

Mostly C’s – Your college personality is the total book nerd, but that isn’t a bad thing! Education and school work should always come first and be a priority, but you shouldn’t let that get in the way of you experiencing college. Maybe some weekends you can put the books away, let your hair down, and your freak out! Get out there and see what the world looks like past your books. Don’t let this advice discourage you, though. A lot of college students strive to have your studious personality, so keep doing you, but try to add in some fun every once in awhile 🙂

Mostly D’s – Your college personality is, hate to say it girl, but the slacker girl. Based off of your answers, it sounds like you aren’t really into partying and going out, but you also aren’t into your studies either. When you’re paying for an education and putting in your time and effort into something, you should try to make the most of it! Go out there and make some new friends, open up one of your books and get your study on in the library, get a job! College is about finding yourself and adventuring out into the world as an independent individual. Being comfortable with being alone is a great trait to have, don’t get me wrong! Just try to not let that be the only thing you’re comfortable with.

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