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11 Body Language Clues That Someone Likes You

1. Back Straightening – A person straightens their back when they feel happy. So, if someone does it around you, it’s a clue that they feel happy around you 🙂

2. Eyebrow Raising – If someone quickly raises they’re eyebrows when they say hi to you, it’s a sign that they have positive feelings about you.

3. Body Language Mirroring – Do they mirror your body language? Your legs are crossed, they cross theirs. You scratch your head, they scratch theirs. You get the idea.

4. Pupil Dilation – A person’s pupils will dilate when they something or someone they like. It may be hard to notice it, without being close to them. But, if you can get close enough to tell, it’s a sign.

5. Longer Than Usual Gaze – If they seem to stare at you longer than usual and their gaze lingers, that’s a sign.

6. Lingering Smile – Does their smile last a little longer than the average friend? Are they extra smiley around you?

7. Pointing Feet – Pay attention to where their feet are pointed. People point their feet in the direction of their interest.

8. Watch the Smile – When this person smiles, watch their eyes, if the muscles around their eyes are engaged with the smile, it’s genuine and not fake.

9. Facing You – If they are facing you with their body even when talking to someone else or engaged in doing something else, that’s a sign. Do they seem to be consistently facing you?

10. Eye Contact – Eye contact is one of the biggest signs of attraction. If someone makes a lot of eye contact, that’s a sign.

11. Touching – Someone who likes you will find excuses to touch you, elbow, shoulder, hair, leg, anything. Even if it isn’t done in a flirty way, it means something.

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16 Responses

  1. Mollie says:

    if he mentions asking a girl to prom in front of me and then keeps looking at me do u think he is trying to make me jealous or not

  2. Lorelie says:

    Wow I thanks

  3. Erika says:

    Wow this is mind blowing

  4. Indi says:

    OMG all of these have happened with me

  5. Tassie says:

    How do u tell if u Like someone
    And if u Like that person and they like u how r u supposed to tell then

  6. Jocelyn says:

    If he uses objects to slap my thighs and makes excuses like “its payback”, is that a sign? Hahah Idk were weird ppl

  7. GeorgeLovell says:

    If u like someone is there a way to hide these from them and is there a way to see if they like u back

  8. Lucy says:

    Dear Mollie,
    He definitely is. My friend had a similar case to yours: she liked this guy and asked a b***h in front of her while looking at her and acted sooooo wierdly around my friend. Hope this helps ?

  9. Riee says:

    He always turns around and smiles when he talks to me but when i look at him he looks away from me

  10. Skye says:

    I have this guy in my maths and for like two months he would always walk into class and as he’s talking to the teacher he’d look around and his eyes would linger on my for a second too long. It’s so weird. I can’t tell if he likes me or not.