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Quiz – Are You a Good Best Friend?

1. It’s Friday night and your whole group of friends is going out on the town! It turns out your BFF is too sick to go out though… You:
a. Send her a cute get well text and hang with her the next day
b. Go out and get your party on with your other friends. You can text her tomorrow when you aren’t trying to go HAM
c. Drop your plans and head over with her favorite soup and movie. Who needs to go out when you have your BFF, chicken noodle, and 10 Things I Hate About You?
2. You pass by a group of girls gossiping about your BFF… You:
a. Roll your eyes and tell her later so she’s aware of what people are saying
b. Walk right by. You can’t risk them having something to say about you too, can you?!
c. Walk right up to them and tell them to shut it. No one talks about my BFF.

3. You find out your crush has the hots for your BFF… You:
a. Tell her, but let her know you aren’t okay with her going for him. After all, you did call dibs…
b. Keep it to yourself – why does she need to know this information?
c. Be honest and tell her, and encourage her to do what will make her happy. You can’t hold back her from love just because you wish it was you!
4. You and your BFF are prom dress shopping and she falls in love with, well, the ugliest dress you’ve ever seen… She asks for your opinion, so you respond with:
a. A lie and say you love it!! It couldn’t be cuter and she should totally buy it
b. Girl… All I have to say is YIKES.
c. Saying you think that if she loves it, she should totally get it. Maybe suggest another dress that isn’t as bad, but as long as your BFF is happy, you’re happy.

5. Your BFF and you have plans Saturday night to stay in and have a movie marathon night, but your crush last minute texts you and asks you out for Saturday night… You:
a. Ask your friend nicely to reschedule, but you make sure she knows it’s fine if she doesn’t want to!
b. Totally ditch the plans. It’s your crush, you have to!!
c. Politely decline, but ask if the offer stands for another night. Girlfriends always come first!
6. Your BFF has been complaining to you that she hasn’t been invited to any parties lately. Your crush asks you to go to a party with him Friday night, so you:
a. Go with your crush to the party, but make sure your BFF hears it from someone so she can go!
b. Go with your crush and “forget” to tell your BFF. You can’t risk her attaching herself to your hip at the party, you’re going to have your crush there!
c. Tell your BFF as soon as you get the invite and make sure she ends up going with a fun group of gals.

7. Your BFF totally ditches your plans that you’ve been looking forward to all week to hang out with a new group of friends she’s made. You:
a. Ignore her for two days or so, and then finally text her back with a lame excuse as to why you haven’t been replying.
b. Tell her off! Who does she think she is canceling on me?!
c. Tell her that it hurts your feelings that she would cancel your plans for other girls so you can talk it out and get the problem out of the way ASAP.

Mostly A’s – You definitely have some great traits about yourself that make you a good BFF! When it comes to friendships, selflessness is a huge thing that you need to be willing to put forth in order to be the best BFF possible. Working/improving on that will guarantee your BFF to think you’re the be so thankful for you and think she’s the luckiest gal in the world!

Mostly B’s – Sorry girl, but you definitely need to improve your BFF skills… Friendship is all about understanding, being aware of others feelings, and being selfless. You for sure have the potential to be a great BFF, so I wouldn’t give up just yet! As long as you work on those aspects, you’re sure to make your BFF and luckiest girl ever (and I’d start working on those fast so you don’t lose her before it’s too late!!).

Mostly C’s – You are the ultimate BFF!!! You’re selfless, loving, and considerate of your BFF’s feelings. What more could a girl look for in a best friend?! I can promise you that your bestie is more thankful for you than she shows. My only tip is to make sure that you aren’t the only one putting in 110% into this friendship and beware of being taken advantage of! Other than that, you’re golden in the friendship ranking! Way to go girl.

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2 Responses

  1. Dhegfhrgfyr says:

    Is there like a guy that does the exact opposite of this???

  2. I got all c’s because I think that’s what I really am like.