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5 Key Ways To Attract The Opposite Sex

1. Laugh at their jokes. Laughing at someone’s jokes is a great way to make them feel comfortable and secure around you. It gives them a boost in confidence, and people are attracted to other people who make them feel good about themselves. Don’t overdo it though, it will come across as fake/you’re trying too hard!

2. Mirror the other person’s actions. By mirroring someone (without making it obvious or creepy) you’re showing them that you are paying attention to them. When someone feels that they are having attention paid to them, they feel special and flattered. Plus, not only are they feeling flattered, you’re showing them that YOU are flattered with them; this will only boost their confidence and see you in a brighter light.

3. Flirt physically. After some simple verbal flirting, move to casually touching their arm or hand. While it may seem casual, it is a great way to move things in a “more-than-just-friends” manor. Touching someone makes them more comfortable with you, and shows that you are comfortable with them. Being comfortable with someone plays a huge role in attraction.

4. Look them in the eye. They don’t call the eyes “the window to the soul” for nothing! Providing eye contact shows that you are admiring them and are taking them in. It shows genuine appreciation and gives them a chance to take you in as well. Not to mention that studies show if someone is attracted to you, they look into your eyes for 4.5 seconds. Test that out!

5. Keep up with good hygiene. While this is clearly a given, some people underestimate the importance of having clean, trimmed nails and a nice aroma. Smells are huge when it comes to attraction, so you don’t want to be smelling funky when you’re trying to get someone’s sexual attention. You also always want to be prepared in case the mood sets in! You don’t want to have to put your romantic moment on pause to go secretly brush your teeth, or shave your legs.

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