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Quiz – Do You Have The Symptoms of ADD or ADHD?

Do you think you might have ADD or ADHD? (Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Take this quick quiz to see if you have some of the symptoms!

(note: not an official diagnosis but an indicator of whether or not you have the symptoms of ADD)

While you’re in class, do you find yourself struggling to pay attention and focus?
A. Yes, constantly. The teacher even sometimes has to request my attention.
B. Sometimes – I’d say maybe every now and then.
C. Not really, not unless I’m sick or super tired! Other than that, I’m usually pretty focused.

When you do find yourself being distracted, how irrelevant would you say the distraction is?
A. It could be the simplest of things… from a flickering light to tree’s leaves rustling on the branches outside, it could really be anything
B. They aren’t completely random! If someone in class is doing something that draws numerous people’s attention, then I’ll most likely turn my attention to that!
C. Any distraction isn’t a good thing, but if I were to get distracted in class for example, something that may draw my attention away from a lecture is writing down something I forgot to for another class. Then my attention is back on the teacher!

When you’re reading something, whether that be chapters in a textbook, a novel chosen on your own, or even a magazine, how often do you find yourself zoning out?
A. I zone out extremely often… That’s why it takes me SO long to finish reading something. I’m always catching myself zoning!
B. Every now and then I’ll start to daydream about certain scenarios or think of something important, but I wouldn’t say it’s to the point where it’s an issue!
C. The chances on me zoning out are slim to none… I’m usually very diligent when it comes to reading and stay on task quite nicely!

How often do you find yourself making “simple mistakes”? Examples being looking over minor details, minor mistakes on your tasks, not completing something to it’s fullest potential, etc…
A. There is ALWAYS something that I’ll either forget to do or make a minor mistake on. Whether it’s in the classroom with a simple math mistake, or at home and not completing my chores 100%, there’s always something
B. Well I am human, so I do make some mistakes every now and then on some tests and sometimes I do forget to finish things, but I wouldn’t say it’s to the point where it’s an issue or affecting my everyday life.
C. I never ever really make “simple mistakes” because I’m always either just on top of things or I catch them before I do!

How good of a listener would you say you are?
A. I’m not a very good listener at all… but I don’t do it on purpose!
B. I’m a good listener for the most part. It isn’t that I willingly choose to not listen in the times where I do miss something, though, it just rarely happens!
C. I am an excellent listener. I have no issues with paying attention and following instructions when required or necessary.

Would you say that you are more impulsive than others? Examples being that you find yourself interrupting people.
A. Yes, unfortunately I do sometimes interrupt people or react to things without fully evaluating the situation and thinking about the consequences that will come with my actions
B. Not very often or not enough to the point where someone has had to say something or that I’ve noticed!
C. I never find myself being super impulsive or doing things that are impolite because I didn’t “think about the consequences”

Do you find yourself getting emotionally flustered? Meaning that you can be irritable or suffer from mood swings?
A. Yes, I sometimes find myself getting over emotional at times, but I never really notice until after the situation
B. I mean I can be moody every now and then, but I wouldn’t say it’s gotten to a point where it’s serious
C. No, I wouldn’t say that I ever am emotionally flustered for no reason

Do you find yourself getting bored easily/being restless in certain situations, whether that be in the classroom, work field, or even just at home?
A. Yes, I find that if I am sitting down for a certain amount of time that I start to get fidgety and it becomes more and more difficult to sit still and focus on the task at hand
B. Not really. If my class lecture is super boring or if I’m alone doing nothing at home, I may get up and try to do something, but I wouldn’t say it’s to the point where it’s an issue
C. No. Whenever I have something that I need to be focusing on I don’t get restless or bored because there is a purpose to me sitting so still

How often would you say that you find yourself forgetting things/misplacing items?
A. My memory definitely isn’t the best, so more often than I would like to
B. Every now and then I’ll forget where I placed my car keys last, but I wouldn’t say that’s really alarming or out of the ordinary
C. I have an excellent memory and wouldn’t say that I ever forget where I have placed my things just because I am so organized

Mostly A’s – Based off of your answers, it does seem that you are suffering from ADD and ADHD symptoms! Perhaps it’s time to make a doctor’s appointment and check what’s going on, because if this is the case, it’s always best to get prescribed something to help with the symptoms sooner than later! It will only help you in the long run, whether that’s while you’re in the classroom, workplace, or simply just with friends. Hopefully all goes well!

Mostly B’s – Based off of your answers, I wouldn’t say that you are suffering from symptoms of ADD and ADHD! While you may sometimes forget a few things here and there, or maybe get bored in a long lecture, you definitely aren’t having your everyday life affected by these things! As long as you feel confident that you don’t need to see a doctor about this, I would say that you’re good.

Mostly C’s – Based off of your answers, you definitely are in the clear – you show ZERO signs of having symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It sounds like you are an extremely focussed and well aware person, and that is awesome! Having these skills will only benefit you in the long run; whether that be in the classroom, workplace, or simply at home with everyday life, sounds like you’ll be in the clear and successful!

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