Red Flags of a Potentially Abusive Partner –

Red Flags of a Potentially Abusive Partner

Knowing the red flags of what could be a potentially abusive partner can save you years of emotional and physical pain. These signs are not at all what you’d expect. They aren’t black eyes and sleepless nights in terror. Nope, it’s the “Prince Harming” act. It’s important to know the early signs so you can jump off the roller coaster of despair, isolation and anguish.

1) He will wine you and dine you. He will worship you in order to gain your total trust. It’s much easier to control someone when he’s gained your love and trust.

2) He will love you at first sight and work quickly on sealing that commitment. He will hastily ask you to move in with him or tell you he loves you within days/weeks.

3) He will be unreasonably jealous and want you all to himself. It’s hard to see a fault in this as it’s masked within the “honeymoon” period where all couples like to spend their time together. If he starts making you feel guilty about hanging out with your friends though, Red Flag!

4) He will expect you to be available to him all the time and if you don’t answer his calls right away, he may have a meltdown. His excuse will be that he worries about your safety.

5) He’ll be really “over the top” sweet. You’ll probably feel the desperation of it if you’re paying attention. He’s being super sweet to overcompensate the put downs, isolation and guilt he puts you through.

6) If you feel guilty a lot of the time even though you’re being the perfect girlfriend, it’s likely he’s playing the victim. Pay attention to your feelings and let them guide you out of this potentially harmful relationship.

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